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6/22/07 5:48:17AM
Just thought I'd let everyone know, I for one would love to see us be able to make picks for all Events, not just UFC events, and think it would be great if everyone signed this thread petition, and/or emailed the administration as they say they would like suggestions for improvements. Think it would be great to have more action, and there is no such thing as too much MMA. Thanks Guys

6/22/07 5:50:37AM
Yes, I agree and we have been through this before, they are adding it i'm sure, give them time. I think all of that should be added. And don't forget ICON.
6/22/07 9:03:57AM
I don't mind them adding something like WEC or Strikeforce but I don't want too many events because then it will become something that you constantly have to check everyday because their cards are changing with people not getting cleared or even being in jail.
6/22/07 2:56:15PM
no thank you
6/22/07 3:10:16PM
Only if those organizations get bigger. Right now they don't have a lot of big name fighters and its all PPV. Something like the IFL which is free and on all the time would be much better. Even though they dont have the big name fighters, we can watch fighters develop.
6/22/07 4:31:43PM
agreed... it's MMAPlayground... not UFC/Pride Playground.
6/22/07 5:02:55PM
Well then you can add KOTC, IFL, GFC...etc.

See where this is going? There's a point where it's too much.

That being said, I think they should add WEC now that Pride is gone. If another one steps out and becomes a legit #3 organization then I'm all for it. However, as of now there are about 7 that are all the same to me.
6/22/07 5:03:07PM
how many ppl watch those events and know much on the fighter yes i know alot of us do but do you think 4000 ppl on this sight know and watch all those events. and it's not like we havn;t been gettting alot of ufc events. like yes down the line i think they should add more. and if i could pick one i would say wec zuffa is going to make it big they are gettign alot of good fighters now and alot of ppl can see it. they just showed there lastshow up here in canada on tsn last week but i think looking at the fight card they have more fighter that i know of then anyother org. all those orgs woudl be way to much. like yes tonights strikeforce card is a real good card and elite xc are gettign alot of good fighters but still not any real household names. and you would see the picks go down in those events like look at even smaller ufc showes less ppl make picks. even with player always joining.
6/22/07 5:04:31PM
Nelly i think you were making the same point as i was, but man use some grammar...that was hard to understand. I agree though.
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