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10/6/11 3:26:23PM
Ah we don't need politics or religion at mmaplayground.
We already have it here if you look close enough in some of the other forums.......................................................
10/7/11 4:08:46AM

Posted by cowcatcher

At least I'm a happy drunk.

I don't think I ever want to see a grand slam again, I felt like Mola Ram ripped my heart out the past two nights.

My post has nothing to do with the thread but.... I was pretty pissed at the D-Backs in their second to last game of the regular season. They played the Dodgers, and it went in to extras tied 1-1. The Dodgers came up in the top of the tenth and killed it with five runs.

Bottom of the tenth, Dodgers up 6-1, they bring in Blake Hawksworth, who gets two outs. Then, he fails to cover first base for Loney to win the game and everything went to shit. Arizona scored 6 runs in the inning, and Ryan Roberts ended up hitting a walk off grand slam.

The Dodgers won the next day to finish the regular season crazy hot. The lead that was blown the night prior though, left them at 8-10 against the Diamondbacks instead of 9-9.

Oh well. Let me just finish by saying it would be a crime if Kemp doesn't win MVP and Kershaw doesn't win the Cy Young. Historic numbers for both guys, career years.... Good stuff.
10/7/11 4:18:18AM

Posted by prophecy033

Posted by Aether

honestly, discussions about politics almost never end well. It's usually just people saying their point of view over and over without any intention of listening to anyone else's. I'm sure there are plenty of people here who could discuss it maturely, but inevitably those threads almost always result in ban-worthy posting from someone.

reminds me of the old adage "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". But I would support a forum for people who support the site by going premium

That could work.
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