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8/17/09 10:51:08AM
The gym I workout does not have one and I was considering on getting one. I've check with 2 other local fitness centers. One guys wants $10 a session and the other guy wants $600 for 3 months. To me this seems kinda high. Are these the going rates for personal trainers????
8/17/09 11:48:32AM
At my gym a typical personal trainer starts around 40$ per hour and they go up from there. Just ot give you some perspective, it is a university gym, not a high end fitness place in richville.

There are a lot of factors you have to consider.

1) What do they do? Do they compose both a eating and workout program for you? Do they keep track of your progress? Or do they just tell you what to do on the fly and check out chicks at the gym when you're doing reps?

2) If pricing is per session, how long are the sessions?
3) Are there group rates. i.e. if you want to work out with a friend, you can sometimes spit the cost.

4) the quality and knowledge of the instructor. There are a lot of McTrainers out there that don't know what they are doing or don't care. Unfortunately, you have to find out for yourself. Try a couple and ask them questions. See how the answer and how attentive they are to you. Most importantly, you should notice improvement in less than a month. If not, and you are doing work, the trainer is failing.

5) Where are the sessions? It is likely that a trainer that meets you at the park with their own (or your) equipment will be cheaper than one at a gym because some gyms might charge a royalty for trainers to work there, thus making rates higher.

Bottom line is that I would start with the cheapest and shortest options, try one or two sessions and try to get a sense for what they offer and whether it meets your needs.

8/18/09 10:16:56AM
Thanks. I guess I'll keep going solo because there is no way I can afford $600 for 3 months.

My brother actually worked out some with the one that charges $10 a session and he said the trainer just want to teach you how to play tennis. Not my cup of tea.
8/22/09 7:41:14PM
lol the trainer wanted to teach him how to play tennis that's hilarious, where did your brother go.
8/23/09 12:10:27PM

Posted by jocka

lol the trainer wanted to teach him how to play tennis that's hilarious, where did your brother go.

he still works out there, but doesn't use the trainer.
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