Who do you think the next person to get a shot at Silva is?

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2/4/07 11:41:40AM
I think Swick.....
2/4/07 12:07:32PM
Franklin or Swick
2/4/07 12:36:28PM
I'd say Swick has earned a chance to get his butt kicked, yeah.

Franklin and Marquardt also seem to be on the road to a title shot, although Rich probably has the pole position.
2/4/07 12:41:55PM
Either Swick/Franklin/Marquardt. A lot of people have looked passed Marquardt but hes been asking for a title shot for a few months now, so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets one soon.
2/4/07 1:09:08PM
macdonald, if he beats franklin.

swick before that.
2/4/07 1:13:33PM
I'm almost certain that the Franklin/McDonald fight is an "unofficial" number one contendor match. Whoever wins that will get a shot at Silva
2/4/07 1:30:04PM
I think Rich Silva 2 will happen sometime in november if Anderson gets past Nathan Marquardt. Since Swick's still got a lot of potential I think the UFC is trying to keep kim aside so he doesn't have the possiblity of getting murdered by Silva, so they can build up a young contender/ champion for the future.
2/4/07 3:00:37PM
SWICK for sure if he beats Okami in UFC 68
2/4/07 3:03:05PM
Dana did an interview for a Korean MMA magazine...I dont have the link, it was on Sherdog....where he says Silva fights Franklin next assuming Franklin beats MacDonald.

Probably on the same card as Sylvia vs....Cro Cop???
2/4/07 3:07:29PM
Hopefully not Franklin...

If the Athlete wins against Franklin impressivly he's deserving. Marquardt is also someone who should be considered as a serious contender.
But if Swick beats Okami and looks impressive there should be no doubt that he gets the title shot.

2/4/07 5:02:51PM
I think Nathan Marquardt should get the next title shot.
2/4/07 5:56:52PM
Swick deserves his shot.
2/4/07 7:47:12PM
silva / macdonald would be a good fight, if he gets passed franklin we could see it.
2/4/07 11:53:17PM
winner of swick vs. okami
2/5/07 12:53:44AM
The winner of Franklins next bout.
2/5/07 12:58:04AM
Winner of Nate/Swick. Rich needs a couple confidence fights first I think
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