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1/19/07 2:08:39PM

Hello everyone, I am Greg Clark from Canada and I noticed quite a few of us here already and I am a self admitted MMA fan with serious MMA Fever.

I have a non-commercial blog that is devoted to the sport of MMA written for fans by a fan and I have already posted fight predictions for UFC Fight Night 8.

Too bad that wasn't part of the fantasy camp.

Anyway, i'll have my fight predictions for UFC 67 very soon so don't cheat!

By the way, i checked the Events Stats Page and noticed in the Picks Overview that I am in the right place with very smart people who stay connected to MMA 'cause it looks like we are all picking similar winners.

I picked Scott Smith 'cause he rocked Pete 'Drago' Sell with one punch... I know Cote is Canadian but let's not go overboard with his over hyped under delivered career IMHO.

Glad to be here and if you want to check out my blog, feel free:

MMA Fever - Are you down with the sickness?

Greg Clark
1/19/07 4:10:31PM
Very nice site mate, i've added that to my favourites, thanks.

Welcome also, good luck with your picks.
1/19/07 4:18:14PM
Welcome. Enjoy the site. The more websites/blogs about MMA the better. going mainstream baby.
1/19/07 8:14:06PM

I've added a bunch of cool vids today and hope to keep this going for a long time.

MMA Fever

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