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1/16/07 3:47:43AM
Mine would be:

Joe Rogan / Bas


Joe Rogan / Bas / Rampage

Joe Rogan actually practices BJJ and knows what is going on. Also he puts up with Goldberg's idiotic metaphors every event and makes fun of him when required.

I also like stephen quadros, he's been doing it for quite a while and can riff with Bas.

Rampage is just the funniest person you can put on a microphone in MMA right now. Well supposedly Saku is hilarious but I don't speak japanese so you can't understand his subtle humor.

I'm hoping with Rampage in UFC they're going to have him as guest announcer eventually.
1/16/07 2:43:32PM
I say Jeremy Horn would make a good commentator, he's been around forever and has a ton of knowledge to share with the fans.
1/16/07 2:59:08PM
Rogan / Bas would be my vote. Both can be funny but Bas has been in the trenches and knows what he is talking about.
1/22/07 11:28:16PM
I'll agree with Rogan/Rampage, but would throw in a legend with better english like Frye. He's a UFC legend and comedy in interviews. He also is very outspoken and fears no one , so he would speak his mind.
1/23/07 4:46:53PM
I like the commentators to be inventive and knowledgable in describing things but not be a show of their own. I dont watch the UFC the hear them.

I think they have a good combination with Rogan/Goldberg. Every duo needs a cool guy and a supporter. They have that already.

I cant see Rampage just settling in to the system. He would have to make his mark.

Jeremy Horn might be a nice fit though. Low key but very knowledgable.
1/23/07 10:24:23PM
tito and rogan
1/23/07 11:49:50PM
I'd put my vote in for Horn and Rogan too; I can't think of many folks with more experience than Jeremy and Rogan already does a great job. The occasional Rampage co-hosting would be funny as hell too, maybe Matt Serra too because he's a real nice guy and his accent makes me think of home
1/24/07 1:58:08AM
I'm a fan of the classic Quadros/Bas combo. I liked those days.
1/24/07 2:37:42AM

Posted by meier

tito and rogan

Hadn't thought of Tito. That might be interesting if he could keep his personal feelings out of it. He is animated and knowledgable. Still not sure he could keep it business though.

Do he and Rogan get along?
1/25/07 9:44:08AM
Quadros/Bas and Jeff Blatnick.
1/26/07 5:17:00AM

Posted by Lifer

Mine would be:

Joe Rogan / Bas

Agreed. Throw Mir in for when Rogan is out doing comedy.

Al three are technically 'colour', but damn it, they're the only one's with knowledge.
1/27/07 3:17:45AM
Horn might do for Frye . Good choice, I didn't even think of him.
1/29/07 8:24:24PM
I think Bas and Randy would be the ultimate dream combo, but you'd have to throw in a color guy with some knowledge of MMA that could fill in the gaps when Bas and Randy were just too engrossed in their craft, kind of keep the conversation rolling along...

Ummmm, Maybe even someone that's seems a little out of place, like that guy from that 'King of Queens' show (sorry don't know his name), I heard he trains a little and has a pretty agreeable character.

Oh, ya I almost forgot, our roving field reporter David Tank Abbott...
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