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7/10/08 8:37:37AM
my buddy brought me coffee & lunch

my other buddy went to go get me some breakfast tacos de papa con huevo

is anybody givin' y'all anything today?
7/10/08 8:50:53AM
My co-workers are giving me a headache.

The Dunkin Donuts and Maxwell House coffee (I prefer Folgers) is going to give me the runs, I'm sure.

Umm...that's about it for now.
7/10/08 9:05:49AM
My boss is giving me a hard time as usual, but it's the nature of my job and he tries to do it with a sense of humor. My memory isn't helping either, thought I had put the change from my meal last night in my wallet, when I go to get a drink with breakfast...oops. No dinero. Just as well as the food will give me stomach problems later-had some of my leftover Taco Bell. I'll eat the rest later.
7/10/08 9:17:21AM
I'm my own f*ckin boss lol... best way to work. oh and yes, i just gave myself a pre-work fattie
7/10/08 9:19:38AM
My baby boy gave me a headache by waking me up last night.
7/10/08 9:20:52AM
last night i got my UFC fantasy prizes in the mail!!!!


i got UFC t-shirt, ultimate KOs 5 & GSP/Serra DVDs.

i love free stuff
7/10/08 9:35:13AM
And some people just bought my office donuts for my boss...who isn't here. Lucky I was right there so I get my chocolate donut and nobody gets hurt.
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