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8/23/11 8:42:05PM
A new library is being devised in which people can be "checked out" to discuss their own experiences.

The idea behind it is to give people the chance to pick the brains of those with certain disabilities or experiences rather than simply reading about it in a book. "What we're aiming to do is bring the library to life for people. There are huge repositories of experience and knowledge in their own brains," said deputy chief librarian Melanie Houlden.

The $36-million Surrey City Centre library, set to open at the end of the month, will allow users to "check out" people and pick their brains about their experiences with blindness, immigration, religion or a disability, among other things. The goal is to break down stereotypes and start discussions, said deputy chief librarian Melanie Houlden.


My antivirus/spyware software completely blocks the link for some reason so maybe click at your own risk if you're not using protection.
8/23/11 10:39:15PM
When you read the header in the forum it sounds koo-koo but its actually kinda a good idea. It's still a little weird but human interaction is far more rewarding then a book. Could you imagine if instead of reading about George Washington you were able to have a 10 minute interview. I know that's extreme but could you just picture that scene
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