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2/22/09 1:21:54PM
so i want to go to UFC 98 in May, its the same weekend as my 21st birthday and that would be the best way for any MMA fan to spend it, in Vegas! i have never been to a event before and just had some questions, any help appreciated.

1. how many days before the even do the tickets usually go on sale to public? and where is the best place to buy them, (like ticketmaster or what)

2. where did you guys sit?, how much did you pay for the tickets (if you don't mind me asking) and were they good seats, i would rather pay more for a ticket than buy a cheap one, and not be able to see well, you know? its my first event and i probably wont go to events fequently.

just looking for info like that, any bit helps.
thanks guys
2/22/09 4:17:50PM
I went to UFC 84 last May. It was awesome. The way I did it was I signed up for the UFC Fight club, i think membership is 65/yr, it gives you first pick at tickets, and had fighter Q&A prior to the weigh-ins, which gets you prime seating for the weigh-ins. I bought tickets for $250 which pretty awesome seats which were right behind Mayhem. We stayed at the MGM. I've included some pics... iknow i look like a dousche please don't remind me

zoomed in but was pretty close

2/22/09 4:34:43PM
To answer #1, usually about 2 months in advance but considering it's not even listed on yet I'd say it's about a month away. Fight Club members get first crack at tickets, then Newsletter subscribers can buy tickets the next day, then a day or 2 later what's left goes on sale to the general public. Also, Mania always notes that StubHub usually has tickets available even if the event is "Sold Out".
2/22/09 5:13:50PM
As i found out last nite at the o2 arena in london, £50 tickets get you £50 seats. Next time i go go, i will be willing to pay top dollar for top dollar seating. My top of the range sony camera struggled to zoom in and get get shots of the UFC fighters. The only good thing about being so high up is you get to see the fighters walk all the way in to the octagon, and you get a birds eye view when they strike on the feet. The only problem was i found myself watching the big screens every time a fight hit the mat. On the whole, next time, i wanna meet fighters and get some pictures, the best seating has to be of the upmost importance. I'll get it right next time.

I gotta say, the highlight of UFC 95 other than our brit dan hardy's awesome ko, was diego sanchez walking out to the octagon. Walking out to queens we will rock you, he got a huge roar from the crowd and he looked mean as hell walking out. Im still star struck from seeing diego in the flesh.

Great night of fights tho. My first live UFC event.
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2/23/09 12:57:49AM
Dude ur lucky if you go to UFC 98, that is gonna be a crazy card! But yeah Im up in sacramento so I went to both UFC 65 and UFC 73 and the first time I was on the upper level, we paid like $100 for those, but we paid right around the same price range for 73 but there was a mix up in the seating chart and the tickets be bought were right below the screen so they moved us down to the lower level haha that was tight. But yeah MGM or Mandalay are smaller arenas than Arco Arena which was where 65 nd 73 were, so any tickets you get should be rad.
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