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9/14/12 12:09:07PM
So after Wednesday, after UFC was dealt a hand of lemons the day before when the top two matches at UFC 153 fell apart within hours of each other, and came out of it with lemonade, I woke up to some surprising news.

After being blamed by many for his inability to save UFC 151, when he not only saved UFC 153, but made it more attractive to the majority of his consumers, Dana White was wrong again.

I'm not exactly sure what he was wrong about. Sure, if you asked me the 100 fights I would most be looking forward to seeing this year, Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar wouldn't be in the top 20.
And I was genuinely looking forward to Jose Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar, the previous main event, more than all but two fights for the rest of this year. To me, it had significance, because it means something, and may even be the most important fight, in determining who the best lighter weight fighter in the sport is. But there's another thing more important, that a lot of hardcore fans who would agree with these views are missing. If UFC markets to us, they would be playing in 2,000-seat casino halls, selling almost no tickets to the public, airing on ESPN2 with a $40,000 budget for the entire show, and nobody would know who the fighters are, except people like us...

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9/14/12 1:40:31PM

Pretty great read I thought. Sometimes his sentences get a bit jumbled up and I have to reread them, but overall I heartily enjoyed this article. He brings up some excellent points that I think many people who are complaining about some of the upcoming matchups should consider. To me, I think it's pretty funny that people were unhappy losing Aldo vs Edgar, but even on this site most people seem to give less than two shits about Edgar. Similar to his point, which is it? Are you upset about not getting to see Aldo vs Frankie or are you upset that Aldo vs Frankie is canceled? Personally, I think most people fall into the latter category, as most of the time people only tout Frankie's heart, not his style, his skill, or what is probably some of the best boxing in the UFC. So then what's next? Wait we get to see Silva do something wacky and probably score some insane KO? Count me in. Rampage is off the card? Good, now we don't need to hear him gripe all the way up to and after the fight. I'm very okay with the replacement fights they made, and I think they did a great job salvaging the card as best they could.
9/14/12 2:01:02PM

I pretty much agree with this.

It's not a very professional article (there are some grammar mistakes and such) but it makes good points.

The only thing I don't agree with is this nonsense about how Frankie should be the LW champ. Let it go already.
9/14/12 5:28:36PM
Frankie should be lw champ but im legit over it if you wanna be champ finish fights

its not a bad card not better but hey injuries happen and on the average the ufc does pretty good this card included
9/15/12 7:42:52PM
They were scheduled 12 fights and now have 13
With big nog and Silva added. That's a win in my book
They didn't have their damm trip cancelled
Be thankful u still got a good main event
9/15/12 7:48:26PM
Not a bad read