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8/6/09 8:34:43AM
BJ Penn may claim to be ready for his fight this weekend, but a new Kevin Iole piece suggests Georges St. Pierre is still the main thing on his mind:

Penn said he believes St. Pierre uses steroids, though he concedes he has no proof. St. Pierre is arguably the sport’s most popular fighter and Penn knows that making such allegations isn’t going to win him any friends.

8/6/09 4:58:59PM
Way to go BJ

Stop crying about your loss pleeeeeeeeze.

I used to respect you man.
8/6/09 7:10:46PM
The whining is getting sooo old. Im glad that he has lost both matchups so we dont have to put up with this again. When I watched the first fight I thought BJ won, looking back Im glad that he didnt get the decision.
8/7/09 10:01:01AM
I love BJ but he's always been this guy but I still loved him as a fighter. BJ has never been accused of being the nicest most humble dude. He is loyal, arrogant, circles the wagons around family and friends and that's just the way it is. You have to take it or leave it. I wish he had decided to be serious about six years ago--he would have been the greatest ever. Now, he can be the greatest ltweight if he stays focused on that.

I like the Diaz brothers too and they aren't the nicest cats on the planet when it comes to the fight, build up, aftermath. But they are what they are and they are good at it. I'm not trying to make friends with the fighters or go to bbq's at their house....
8/7/09 11:22:34AM
I'd love to see him get his ass kicked by St. Pierre again.
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