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7/25/12 11:33:11AM
I agree any argument about "competitive advantage" is a charade. The wins were stripped to 1) Remove Joe Pa from the top 5 coaching wins list, and 2) humble the program as a whole.

It is pretty obvious that the NCAA wanted to change the culture of Penn State. Some have argued that it is not the NCAA's place to do so. My understanding is Penn State consented to any penalties handed down. If that is the case, then the NCAA has jurisdiction over Penn State. There are many ways to come under the jurisdiction of a "tribunal." One way is to submit oneself to the jurisdiction of the tribunal.

That covers the personal side of jurisdiction, but it still might be the case that the NCAA doesn't have jurisdiction over the "subject matter." I don't know enough about the particulars to figure out that part of it.

Another complaint I have heard is that Penn State didn't get due process. Obviously, this wasn't a court of law, otherwise there would definitely be some DP problems. As it is, there might be something to it, but the reality is that Penn State doesn't have the force of law being used against them as far as I can tell. When force of law is applied, you can't get out of it. Here, Penn State seems to have the option that if it doesn't want to accept the penalties, it could withdraw from the NCAA and avoid them.
7/25/12 12:02:26PM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Posted by roadking95th

BlueSkiesBurn I got lost in the walls of words. I did see that you pointed out Sandusky wasn't a coach.

As far as taking lightly, it was more referred to anyone who wants to turn this into a pissing match, etc... Sorry if it did not come across that way.

There is so much misinformation out there that as soon as I saw a debate on the Sandusky advantage of coaching, my eyes glazed over. Sorry.

I will read your link tonight.

There are many many lessons to be learned. I hope everyone reflects on that and also take this serious. There are true victims who will never be healed.

I get it, man. I completely get it.

I, myself, am tired of the false dilemmas people, including the media, are putting forward in this case. People say crap like, "so, you don't think Penn State should get the death penalty? So, you support what they did?"

What the fuck? I can be against the Death Penalty and not support what Penn State did. I get so tired of seeing that. I can only imagine that it's ten times worse for a fan of the program right now. I know the amount of crap I have received from people by saying that I don't think the players should be punished for something that administration did at the highest level.

Of course, the minute I say that, people jump all over me. Not on the PG, this is purely just in general.

Bottom line: I realize the NCAA tried to minimize the damage to the players, but they will still be affected. Some of those 85 men will not have the ability to transfer. I don't mean that they physically can't, I mean that there will be some players on the 85 man scholarship roster who, for one reason or another, will not get that same offer from another school. I'm not okay with that.

If even one innocent person is harmed by the NCAA's actions, to me, that's one too many. Everyone needs to direct their vitriol where it belongs; it belongs on the men who covered this up and the man who committed these crimes. That's where it belongs and that's where it should stay.

Enough innocent people have already had their lives turned upside down. Why create more?

All punishment causes collateral damage to the innocent. To the extent that minimizing collateral damage is a competing priority, it must be balanced against the need for effective punishment. Even putting Sandusky in jail is going to harm lots of people who don't deserve it. People with familial, social, or financial ties to that sick fuck are going to be hurt when he is removed from society and everything he has is taken from him for restitution. Even something as removed as the store where Sandusky buys groceries is harmed by his removal, but society judges it an acceptable harm given the need to punish. I think the NCAA did a pretty good job using effective penalties designed to minimize the harm on both the athletes and the community. I get what BSB is saying about some players not being able to get a scholarship they would have gotten somewhere else even with schools being able to go over 85 to sign them, but the only way to avoid harming any players would be to avoid harming the program. The players got a pretty good deal with the ability to transfer with no sit out and have the school go over 85 to sign them. If they were losing their scholarships or suspending football at PSU, that would be different. But they have still have a free education and will be on an active football team, and have had almost all barriers to going somewhere else to play if they want don't want to take the fall.
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