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8/19/09 8:34:36PM

“Greasegate” has made its first imprint on the Nevada State Athletic Commission rulebook. In a meeting held Wednesday in Las Vegas, the NSAC approved language prohibiting the use of foreign substances on a fighter’s body prior to or during a fight that “could result in an unfair advantage.” Dubbed by a commission official as the “B.J. Penn Rule,” the use of foreign substances will now be added to a list of “fouls” in the Nevada Administrative Code that address tactics illegal to fighters, such as eye gouging, small joint manipulation, or biting.
8/19/09 8:54:56PM
Kind of ironic it's called the BJ Penn rule and that it's listed with fouls such as eye gauging.
8/19/09 9:14:21PM
I was kind of wondering about the forced bathing part they wanted to put in the rules......I just figured the fighters did this naturally before fights, at least a little.....hygiene you know....ringworm (wrestlers know what I mean!)
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