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6/8/07 9:56:12PM
I highly recommend this book to everyone, it is the most complete book I have ever seen, it touches pretty much every aspect of the game and is described well and can be easily learned. Penn and Victory Belt did a great job on this book. Most of it is techniques used for MMA, but most can be used for BJJ to some extent. As I said, most complete and understandable book you can get on MMA, covers everything from your Basic Stances, to the Striking game, Striking to Takedowns, Counter Attacks, Countering Takedowns, Clinching Techniques, Fighting against the Cage, Guard Techniques, Side Control, Mount, and of course techniques on Controlling the Back. You can get it off of for $23.
6/9/07 9:24:46AM
Even though you say it's complete, just like every other MMA instructional book it's most likely not even close... however I will most likely buy it...
6/9/07 2:21:30PM
I wanna get it bad now.... its cheap, i thought it would quite expensive
6/9/07 4:46:20PM
It is expensive. But not on Amazon haha. It's like a $35 book.
6/10/07 10:26:42AM
I saw it advertised on his web site. Looks pretty good!
6/10/07 8:39:19PM
yeah i really didnt want to spend a lot of money on books so i wanted one complete one and this one looked the best, now ill buy it
6/13/07 4:41:29AM
If anyone wants it I got it here on the PC too.
6/14/07 2:28:09AM
Just bought it hopefully the detail is as good as eddie's mastering the rubber guard.
6/14/07 3:12:07PM
Yes it's just as good, I'd say better.
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