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12/9/12 11:26:41AM
SEATTLE – Following a lopsided loss to welterweight standout Rory MacDonald, former champ B.J. Penn was taken to an area hospital for observation. But UFC President Dana White said he'd like for Penn to retire.

12/9/12 12:41:21PM
drop to 155 or even 145, there are plenty of great fights for him.
12/9/12 12:58:06PM
There's no shame in losing a decision to Rory. He's got more fights left in him.
12/9/12 1:04:50PM
No more Welterweight fights but I would love to see him make a return to Lightweight
12/9/12 1:55:47PM
No question 155 is for Penn, especially with Edgar dropping to 145. As fast as Penn is, he couldn't deal with Edgar's speed who was also faster than pretty much everyone else in the division.

We know the great wars that Edgar and Maynard had. Imagine those with Penn and Maynard.
12/9/12 3:15:03PM
i hate telling fighters to retire because its not my place, but as a BJ fan i want him to choose either LW or retirement. i dont want to see him as a stepping stone for up and comers.
12/9/12 5:33:48PM
155 is wear he needs to be. Bj numbers are pretty bad
He has won only one fight in last 5 outings.
12/9/12 7:53:33PM
The only way BJ should stick around at all is if he "ups" his game. The game evolves at a fairly quick pace and if you don't evolve with you it you may as well just hang it up.
12/9/12 8:04:36PM
I would rather have BJ retire, than fight like he did last night, in rounds 2 and 3.
12/10/12 11:52:40AM
where was White after the Diaz loss? That was a bigger beatdown than what Rory delivered.

but yeah either stay retired or move down to 155
12/10/12 1:24:01PM
I think he should retire.

Even with a weight cut he wouldn't get past Bendo and would likely just end up being a gatekeeper.

At least if he retires now, he can still keep the dream alive among fans that he would still be a total menace at LW. I don't know if testing that theory is such a wise move.

I just think the new breed fighters are edging the older legends out of the game because their skills have evolved way past what it took to successfully be a titleholder back then. It's a natural cycle. And it's smarter too when a guy knows when to call it quits and be satisfied with his accomplishments and let them stand on their own merits vs trying to prove something they can't anymore.

BJ has said at this stage in the game, he doesn't want to be eating 'chicken salad' and training 8 hrs a day at the gym. Ultimately I don't think he'd even be happy at LW, so in my opinion it's time to bow out now that his contract is up.