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8/9/07 5:04:27PM
I would much rather see a fight between Hermes Franca and Penn than Sean Sherk what about you guys?
8/9/07 5:11:41PM
that would actually be pretty good I think
8/9/07 5:17:44PM
BJ has the definite edge over Franca in, um, everything.
8/9/07 5:25:42PM
wtf dont you guys like competitive match
8/9/07 5:33:56PM
yea would definately be a better fight, it would be a hard pick, cus franca is pretty good a BJJ so he prob wont get caught in a sub........and standing it would be hard to pick, cus franca has those loopy overhand right, or if he catches BJ wit one if those knees to the head,and i think that would KO BJ inlike sean sherk........but it would defenate;y be a hard pick, bt i would say BJ..
8/9/07 5:35:02PM
Honestly, I think Franca would get dominated, especially by BJ's BJJ.
8/9/07 6:30:57PM
Franca would be a very tought opponent for Penn.
8/9/07 7:31:43PM
I think it would be something franca deserves to come back up but later on maybe if penn doesnt win to sherk.
8/9/07 7:52:59PM
Yes! That's the fight I've wanted. I know the hype isn't there, but I think Franca's BJJ is every bit as good. Only problem would be if BJ thinks so too and keeps it standing for the entire fight like he did with Serra.
8/9/07 9:00:03PM
I think it would be a good fight to watch, mostly because Franca has so much heart. BJ should dominate, but Sherk was dominating, and Franca still managed to catch him with thoes knees. If he caught BJ with thoes knees (or any other human) it would have put him to sleep. But at the same time BJ is so much better technically then Sherk and probably wouldn't put himself in a position to be hit by them. Although, Franca is a great striker and the fight would be standing much more then against Sherk so he would have more time to land thoes big shots he throws. I think BJ wins this fight, but it would go to a decision and be much more exciting then the Sherk fight.
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