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8/6/10 4:31:51PM
I think this would a pretty good matchup to BJ Penn. Alvarez has amazing standup and has been working on his submissions. Ever since his lost to Shinya Aoki by heel hook, he has has won his last 5 matches by submission. That's improvement. We all know how BJ Penn is the so called "greatest fighter of all time". But I think this time, Eddie Alvarez would give him a run for his money.
8/6/10 4:41:57PM
I think BJ would dominate Eddie everywhere the fight went. Just my opinion though!!
8/7/10 1:20:59AM
One of the guys that the UFC needs to sign badly IMO.....great fighter! I think he would definately give BJ a good challenge and even have a chance to win for sure. I don't see BJ as awesome as most do though.....he is too inconsistant and has started to rely on his boxing too much for my liking.
8/7/10 2:09:19AM
i really like alvarez but i can see it being a Penn/Sanchez fight. total domination by Penn
8/7/10 2:14:42AM
This proves, in MMA with the fans your only as good as your last fight. BJ had a lackluster performance so now Alvarez would give him a run? Had BJ came out and performed like he did against Diego ppl would be thinking about Penn fighting stiff comp. at Welterweight..

BJ is still the greatest lightweight ever and easily one of the greatest fighters in combat sports history.
8/7/10 10:18:37AM
dont even think that fight would be close i think that it would be close fight like diego penn i also would pick florian over him and edgar and prolly a few other guys but there is only one way to test him bring him in
8/7/10 1:03:20PM
BJ would destroy alvarez by any which way he wanted.
8/7/10 2:47:41PM

Posted by Taylor8766

BJ would destroy alvarez by any which way he wanted.

This probably. Ask the people who thought Aoki would stand a chance.
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