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3/31/09 4:22:42PM
Not bashing's the name of the vid, and it's pretty damn funny.

3/31/09 4:41:57PM
I have to spread the love unfortunately. The Batman symbol was fukkin hilarious.
3/31/09 6:01:10PM
still have to spread the love before i can props, serioulsy its been forever since i could props ya what the hell? a bj lover , but that video was still hilarious!....espcially the mom in court...cuz its like really? your mom...come on bj, i cant make fun of my fav!!
3/31/09 6:21:45PM
It hurts me to say that was hilarious... I am a huge bj fan and yea... T_T. Great vid! Props inc.
3/31/09 8:13:43PM
That is some funny shite. I loved it
4/1/09 3:23:23PM
Not laughing cause am a BIG BJ fan.Ok then just a little
4/17/09 6:05:25PM
I couldn't post on this at the time due to me being banned, but...............I do feel a bit bad for laughing at BJ though
4/18/09 7:38:54AM
Seriously BJ rolls with way too many "yes men" Funny vid. I hate all the people leaving comments on youtube, but funny vid
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