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1/15/09 10:43:46AM
New BJ Penn interview:

On his clash with GSP...

"This is no big thing. I know this thing is getting hyped up a lot, but honestly, it’s just another fight. I know they have the show and all of these other things around it, but I gotta go out and win, so whatever. I know the hype is there and you gotta promote a fight this big, but I’m just ready to win the fight."

"I’m ready to go out there and dig deep and I know I’m going to do this. I’m really excited for the opportunity and I just can’t wait."

"He’s just a better fighter than he was. But his most important muscle is his weakest and that’s his heart. Once I get in through there and start breaking him down and he realizes that I’m not going away, that’s how I’m going to end up beating him. He will end up giving up."

"I think you guys are going to see the best BJ Penn on January 31st. You always get better and you never stop learning; that’s the key to mixed martial arts. It’s just never-ending. Besides all of that, I just feel that this will be the best I will ever be on January 31st."

"I don’t fight to live; I live to fight. It’s just something in me. I love challenges, I love competition and I love fighting (laughing). You know what, I don’t even know what wakes me up in the morning to do this shit. I just like to go out there and trade a couple punches, get hit a few and give a few and raise my hand after the whole thing is done. But I’m honestly looking at this fight like it’s my last fight. I’m sure I’ll fight again and I’m sure I will fight in the Octagon again, but mentally, you know, the training camps are getting longer."

"We don’t need the judges so they don’t even need to show up."

Much more in the full interview:
1/15/09 11:09:03AM
BJ is really trying to get into GSP's head here. He clearly knows that he is going to be the dog going in, and he needs every mental advantage that he can get. I don't blame him.
1/15/09 11:42:07AM
Bj doing his usual WWE style interview before the biggest fight of his career. GSP will owned him Jan 31st. Truth is, BJ shouldn't bother turning up.
1/15/09 11:56:58AM
I love BJ. This guy is going to get into GSP's head and have this fight won before they step foot in the Octagon. I realize GSP is probably a slight favorite here but I'm guessing BJ will be licking the blood off his gloves one more time when he TKO's St. Pierre in the late rounds. BJ Penn is the ****** man.
1/15/09 11:58:32AM
glad GSP isn't sayin anythin back..just hold it in till Jan.31 and than let it all out on BJ..thats my guess on why GSP isn't sayin anythin back..let the action speak instead of the mouth...GSP 3rd round anyway he likes it...
1/15/09 12:39:36PM
I have gained alot of respect for GSP, he is just setting back training preparing for the fight, BJ is trying to get in the head of GSP, I think he scared, GSP wins by a RD 3 TKO.
1/15/09 2:16:07PM
I love BJ's pre fight quotes from "Sean Sherk you're dead" to "I can't wait to lick his blood off my hands" to "I going to try and kill him it's nothing personal
1/15/09 2:22:19PM
Sounds like BJ might be retiring or moving on soon...
1/15/09 3:14:36PM
Alright people this is what bj does he talks a little before the fight. He's not scared at all he's ready, he hasn't been disrespectful to gsp. What is he suppossed to say o i'm not ready gsp is gonna run through me i mean come on he is confident. i'm sure gsp thinks the same as him, he just voices his confidence. This fight will be close regardless. Somebody's gettin finished in the late rounds or it will be a decision. Awesome fight tho
1/15/09 3:45:27PM
George is getting knocked out or submitted, for real.
1/15/09 5:15:56PM
BJ is gonna get the okie-doke put on him Jan.31--GSP by TKO
1/16/09 11:20:31AM

Posted by cmill21

Sounds like BJ might be retiring or moving on soon...

That's what I thought was most interesting. He sounds a little like a fighter who's thinking about a possible retirement soon.
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