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7/6/07 12:18:39AM
BJ wins by tap tap tap
7/6/07 3:14:18AM

Posted by Rush

Posted by Northrend

BJ Penn by sub round 2

Diego is gona get overwhelmed by BJ's BJJ..if he can even take BJ down.

This will be Diego's biggest problem. His bread and butter is his GnP. Can't really utilize that if you can't take the guy down.

I'm thinking this one will go the distance with Penn dominating standup and groundwork will be even (Diego is no slouch on the ground)

The only way I see Diego winning is hoping Penn loses energy by round three and Diego picks up the tempo. But I doubt that will happen.

He is no slouch, but BJ is way above his level on ground. Matt Hughes has got some very good BJJ now and Penn dominated him..he took his back from the guard.
7/6/07 5:46:13PM
Sorry if this was already posted (I didn't read the second page) and sorry to play party-pooper, but it looks like BJ's camp has denied that this fight will happen
7/6/07 6:50:33PM
Seriously you guys, how can you say that diego is a test for bj, this fight is a joke for bj's career. Diego has built up this unbeaten record, like tim sylvia he went out not to loose as aposed to go out and win like a champ. Kos knew this before their fight and stood in the center of the octagon and said, come on then big boy. Diego didnt know how to fight him as diego would of quite happily gone for a split decision victory win, from a few jabs landed and abit of clock dancing to past the time. Sanchez has beat joe riggs, but who hasnt in that division ??
Bj will dominate sanchez and win in the first two rounds with a stoppage, then fight the winner of koz/GSP.
I think dana just wants penn to get the protected champ wannabee outta the ufc.
Bj will do that no problem.
7/7/07 6:30:43PM
He beat Karo and Diaz, both very good fighters IMO. As for Dana wanting Sanchez out,they have a lot of money and promotion invested in him, so I doubt it. Last but not least, this potential fight was already denied by BJ and now there is a rumor Sanchez is fighting Fitch at UFC 76. Since there have been 3 rumors about Sanchez rumored opponents now, and the first 2 are wrong, I don't see why all the speculation till we have something more concrete. Anyway, this is a dream matchup now, so to the lounge it goes.
7/7/07 6:43:09PM
I really do hope they fight, I think Sanchez is overrated, dont get m wrong the guys still undoubtedly good, but put him up against BJ, Hughes, or GSP and I believe he'd get worked. It's a shame to see BJ go back up when the LW belt is within grasp but man Id love to see him show diego's true colors. Whereas Koscheck simply neutralized diego's offense, and actually it made for a boring ass fight, i think BJ would hand Sanche his first real, loss, as in no need for a rematch he got his ass whooped loss.

But, if it doesn't happen and BJ stays at LW, Id love to see him and Sherk go at it. I think BJ has the belt waiting for him at LW, he knows it
7/7/07 6:45:39PM
I'd really like to see Diego and Karo go at it again, and same with Diaz. How come Karo's never fought BJ, I believe that would make for an exciting/interesting fight, one in which BJ wins but exciting nonetheless
7/8/07 10:32:31PM
sean sherks camp confirmed that he will be fighting bj penn for the title.......i say bj wins this wat u guys say
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