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10/30/11 9:04:56PM
How is this possible? Maybe there is something I didn't notice but I don't see how that score is possible for this fight.
10/30/11 9:19:50PM
Have to watch the fight again, but the only way I see this happening is the judges gave BJ Penn the first round. Maybe for significant strikes and octagon control and maybe takedown?
10/30/11 9:32:48PM
If you were to give a 10-8 second round.
10/30/11 9:34:58PM

Posted by grappler0000

If you were to give a 10-8 second round.


seems obvioius now but I never thought of that. my bad
10/30/11 9:40:57PM
Yeah, I scored it 29-27 also.
10/30/11 10:29:56PM

Posted by Kpro

Yeah, I scored it 29-27 also.

Same here. Penn was abused in round 2 and produced little offense. I gave it a 10-8.
10/31/11 12:09:56AM
i dont see any 10-8 rounds but i will agree that penn won the 1st then diaz won 2 & 3. 29-27 is cool
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