If B.J. Penn defeats Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94, what should be his next step?

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POLL: If B.J. Penn defeats Georges St. Pierre at UFC 94, what should be his next step?
Defend LW belt vs. Kenny Florian 67% (38)
Defend WW belt vs. Thiago Alves 18% (10)
Go for third belt vs. Anderson Silva 12% (7)
Rubber match with GSP 4% (2)
Other 0% (0)
1/23/09 3:59:58PM
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1/23/09 4:07:19PM
i hope bj beats gsp down again but this time finishes him too.
if he dose i don't think there need to be a immediate rubber match cause the first fight was basically a draw if anything bj won base on damage all gsp did was try to control bj for the last two rounds stats

i know dana said it wont happen but id like to see bj fight anderson if he wins
1/23/09 4:23:05PM
1/23/09 5:04:05PM
i'd obviously want bj to go up and fight anderson. it won't happen but for the record i think penn could beat silva by way of submission.
go ahead call me out......lol.
1/23/09 5:13:14PM
go for the 3rd title hahah yeah right.

Defend LW title against Florian, but bj is going to be defending that belt anyways once gsp stomps all over bj on the 31st.
1/23/09 5:17:09PM
first of all i think its stupid that only one title is up for grabs. with that said id personlay wanna see him go back to LW or retire so where rid of him.

now let me ask what happens if GSP wins.
id like to see him fight alves reguardless.

(note im not trying to bash bj and i no ill get flamed for this but its america i can say i dont like watching him0
1/23/09 5:21:40PM
only one title is up for grab cause its at 170, what do u expect, i don't think gsp could make 155 without losing muscle mass
1/23/09 5:22:18PM
All I have to say is, regardless of what I think of either fighter, for the sake of title shots I pray that BJ loses. If BJ wins, either Florian or Alves is going to get royally screwed.
1/23/09 5:30:59PM
You mean what will happen WHEN GSP wins. He`ll run through Alves and then move to a fight with Anderson. While BJ loses to Penn or retires.
1/23/09 5:57:48PM

Posted by Wallass

You mean what will happen WHEN GSP wins. He`ll run through Alves and then move to a fight with Anderson. While BJ loses to Penn or retires.

but you mean BJ will lose to Florian
1/23/09 6:24:06PM
If BJ won I think he would only be allowed one belt, the whole "two belts" is a just in case thing for if he loses, and it makes the fight huge. Historical.

If BJ wins he would likely stay aty welterweight I think and defend against Alves, that is, if he had to choose a belt.

But for the sake of the collassal build up, I would (if he won) rather see him fight Silva.

But I see GSP dominant UD and BJ going to a tough war with Kenflo. The novel of this time in the UFC is sooo great because you have BJ, #4 p4p, a guy who has and can fight top level at WW vs the #3 p4p GSP, a guy who can fight at MW easily.

And both, aside from one more great challenge kenflo/Alves, have cleaned out their divisions. Plus p4p #1 Silva who's in the same exact position with Maia and LHW.

So a bunch of the most dominant talented great champs to ever fight in MMA can fight eachother. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Hughes didn't fight Ace, Chuck didn't fight Big Tim, and now we have even greater fighters all getting scrappy.

Makes me want to nuthug the UFC times 10 with all the potential.
1/23/09 7:14:55PM
I think that if/when Penn wins, he should defend against Florian and then do a rubber match against GSP. This would be the biggest fight ever. But if things do go down this way, Alves get screwed big time.
1/23/09 7:40:07PM
i think he should let the lightweight belt go for grabs with florian vs sanchez for the title,
there is no way bj will fight every few months and it's not fair to only have one or 2 title defenses a year for each weight class cause of it
1/23/09 9:46:57PM
Win, Lose, or Draw......Hands down he needs to fight Ken Flo. Kenny has earned another shot period and needs to fight BJ. If BJ wins against GSP he wil probably beat Kenny. If he losses we might see the old BJ and a new LW title holder.
1/23/09 10:30:54PM
BJ needs to fight Florian next, whether he wins or loses. But if he wins and does that, then Alves is screwed for at least six months. I hope BJ loses and I think he will, probably by UD.
1/23/09 11:23:28PM
Florian, but he has got to fight Alves very soon after or give up the WW belt.
1/24/09 7:21:16PM
A sweet match against Thiago would be dope, that way he could maintain the weight, then dip down to lw to fight Kenflo. After he rapes Kenflo, he should retire the lw belt and hold down ww for a year, eat some sticky rice and loco mocos, then fight Spider. Lose to Spider, then give us a GSP VS Penn 3.
1/24/09 7:43:46PM
Defend against Kenny.
1/25/09 1:52:53PM
I think and hope St. Pierre wins but what should happen is Bj should have to fight Alves because Alves was declared the ww #1 contender before florian was named lightweight #1 contender (albeit just a month) that fight would not happen until april at the earliest depending if bj takes any damage and then if bj doesnt take much damage against alves he will have to fight florian which at the earliest happens in june or july if bj beat thiago then after a victory it would be time for the rubber match come november december.

I dont even blame this on bj I blame this on ufc management they promised both alves and florian title shots before the gsp penn fight which makes things complicated. at least one of the #1's should be named after the big fight it would make more sense to have florian vs bj and gsp vs alves right around this time and then have the super fight later and then reastablish #1 contenders right after or right around the superfight
1/28/09 3:19:04PM
I think Florian should be next in line. He's showed alot of heart and determination since losing to Sherk.
1/28/09 3:29:41PM
when BJ wins he should ride a unicorn to the end of the rainbow and claim his pot of gold, because it's a ******* fantasy scenario
1/28/09 7:06:59PM
Neither... If BJ takes the 170 belt he should vacate 155 and just fight at welterweight IMO. Then Sherk and Florian can fight for an interim title.

I don't believe he can defend two belts regularly enough, especially given the extra training time champs usually get for their fights.
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