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12/20/08 10:49:58AM
So says Freddie Roach to Yahoo's Kevin Iole. Roach also thinks Penn would beat Georges St. Pierre in a striking match if that happened.

12/20/08 10:54:06AM
Maybe from a boxing standpoint, but Freddie Roach doesn't know a ton about kickboxing and the like. It's a totally different game
12/20/08 11:07:16AM

Posted by Jackelope

Maybe from a boxing standpoint, but Freddie Roach doesn't know a ton about kickboxing and the like. It's a totally different game

Exactly what I was thinking.
12/20/08 11:09:30AM

Posted by Chuteboxer

Posted by Jackelope

Maybe from a boxing standpoint, but Freddie Roach doesn't know a ton about kickboxing and the like. It's a totally different game

Exactly what I was thinking.

i think freddie also meant boxer, and if so yeah i agree, but yeah not the best all around striker no
12/20/08 11:22:24AM
And I'm a chinese jet pilot.
12/20/08 11:25:14AM
BJ is a very good striker, but saying he's the best in mma... that's kind of a bold (see what i did there) statement. Sure he's already proven that vs GSP he probably will still have a slight edge on the feet, but as for the rest, IMO he comes up just a little bit short ( cardio, wrestling, ground control even though Penn's a master of the rubber guard). I like BJ very much, definitely in my top 5, but IMO he'll lose again to GSP.
12/20/08 11:42:52AM
I'd say he is up there who has ever matched him in his stand up he said something we all watched in their 1st fight thats why GSP kept going for the takedown also when BJ gasses he just stands there like a fool and gets picked apart
12/20/08 11:50:12AM
If I had to pick an all Around "MMA" striker, not some K-1 guy who came into MMA, I would say Arlovksi. Really smooth striking and great kicks. Its like watching a movie.
12/20/08 11:54:19AM
for a while i've thought that bj was one of the best (maybe the best) boxer in mma. He's got great hands,great foot work, great head movement and is one of the few fighters in mma who effectively uses the jab as a boxer would. With all that said, as over rated as I think anderson silva is, anderson silva is by far the best striker in mma. How often have you seen penn use his elbows, knees and kicks? Its not like he's never used them before, but in comparison to the more complete strikers in mma, I dont think penn comes out on top. An interesting matchup which might be on the horizon would be alves vs penn. I dont think penn's faced a muay thai fighter like alves before, or someoen with that kinda power.

2009 is gonna be a fun year haha
12/20/08 12:11:08PM
Penn is a great striker not the best but one of the best. Watch and see on Jan 31st Penn will put a beating on GSP. His gas tank want be a factor if GSP takes him down his BJJ will sub him. Remember I called it.
12/20/08 12:27:51PM
Dont believe that. His striking sure looked good against a wrestler that he had a huge reach advantage against but other than that, his K-1 and UFC career has not shown me he is close to the best striker
12/20/08 1:01:05PM
First of all the best striker in MMA is by far Anderson Silva....Secondly i think in a boxing match BJ would destroy GSP, but this is not boxing its mma and GSP is going to take him down and use his wrestling to win this fight...
12/20/08 2:42:03PM
I can't wait until BJ destroys GSP. Total Bliss!!!!!!
12/20/08 3:11:43PM
The best boxing...perhaps.I would argue that Andrei Arlovski's boxing has looked a little more crisp, and his hand speed is better, but as Freddir has worked with both I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. BJ has great striking, but he's a bit one dimensional as he rarely uses knees and kicks (although he did hit Sherk with a pretty good flying knee).

Anderson Silva is obviously far and away the most complete striker in MMA. I would argue that Fedor comes in at a close second as he has outstriked K1 level fighters, something BJ has never had to deal with.

In reality there are so many K1 fighters making the transition to MMA lately that I think we're going to see a slow progression to the next level of striking. I constantly hear the term "world class striking" thrown around, but in my eyes outside of Anderson Silva and a handfull of K1 fighters like JLB and Semmy Schilt that occasionally fight MMA...there isn't any world class striking in MMA. I think eventually we will see a slow evolution to that level of striking.
12/20/08 3:36:42PM
BJ has the best boxing in mma probably not the best striking considering Roach has worked with A. Silva saying BJ is the better boxer means a lot. I think Freddie knows what hes talking about. As for the GSP fight, BJ has the advantage standing up and on the ground. they are both black belts but BJ is a World Champion which means hes better than probably 99% of black belts not to mention his crazy flexability gives him a chance to finish the fight from his back almost whenever he has to. Penn mounted Renzo Gracie in there fight thats saying quite a lot about his BJJ. BJ's takedown defense is known well and i see GSP having trouble in at least the first two rounds getting him down. GSP will get him down eventually but the question is "is BJ's guard a place you want to be?"
12/20/08 3:47:21PM
I can't wait until BJ destroys GSP. Total Bliss!!!!!!

LOL you`ll be waiting forever buddy cause it`ll never happen.
12/20/08 4:15:00PM
I feel BJ has under rated standup in MMA. IMO he does really use the head kicks or knees alot because he's more comfortable using his feet. I think he uses his knee strikes and head kicks when he knows he's definately going to land them.

I feel this fight will go to decision. If BJ has the gas tank in him, I see him taking the first 3 rounds, and GSP the last 2. But if GSP wins one of the opening rounds, I see BJ losing. It could also end up being a one sided fight for either fighter. It's really hard to pick the winner of this fight.
12/20/08 4:35:05PM
I know that BJ is great, but Anderson is probably the best striker in MMA.

An underrated striker is Miguel Torres. He has great knees and it'll be tough to find a guy at 135 that'll beat him.

And of course you have to throw guys like Florian and Alves in there as well because of their all-around striking games.
12/20/08 5:33:22PM
freddie has worked with anderson n AA so this has some weight, BJ has always had awesome boxing. but for all-round striking I would way anderson, AA, n fedor (cant remeber a match where he got out striked) and then u have the K-1 fighters doin mma matchs which is when the phrase world class striking should be used.
12/20/08 10:57:53PM
BJ says that he doesn't use a lot of kicks and knees in his MMA matches because he finds them to not be conducive to his overall game. He believes that punches are more effective to lead into a takedown than to set up the TD with kicks.
12/20/08 11:29:59PM
Roach must have been hiting the roach. A Silva is a much better all around striker. Bj has great boxing and footwork. he has almost no clinchand little work with the knees. bj is a great fighter in his own right, top P4P, but not best striker in MMA
12/21/08 1:15:03PM

Posted by Wallass

I can't wait until BJ destroys GSP. Total Bliss!!!!!!

LOL you`ll be waiting forever buddy cause it`ll never happen.

It will happen in 2009 then GSP can continue learning english
12/25/08 7:33:06AM
I was a boxing fan before MMA and currently still am a boxing fan. I argue against people who say it is dead due to the amount of ppv sales going down, I think Roy Jones would brutally destroy Anderson Silva in a boxing match or even a stand up fight period.

However in an MMA fight Anderson Silva would demolish Roy Jones and in MMA I would have to disagree with freddie roach. BJ's boxing is on point but he just is not the best striker in MMA. I can't agree with that.
12/25/08 5:17:55PM
Spider Silva
BJ Penn
St Pierre

The Illest in MMA... (thats my order)

BJs ground game is superior to GSPs.
BJs boxing is superior to GSPs.

BJ Penn wins the belt and shocks the nutthuggers.
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