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POLL: bj penn vs anderson silva
bj penn 35% (9)
anderson silva 65% (17)
4/23/08 10:23:49AM
i think the only way bj wins is if he knocks him out or submits him in the first or second. i say he gets knocked out in the third.
4/23/08 11:07:38AM
4/24/08 12:00:31AM
5/19/08 6:41:38PM
no way this fight makes it out the first anderson wins a ez ktfo.
7/17/08 11:02:42PM
i would love to see this fight IF bj beats GSP...kind of a big if
7/17/08 11:15:49PM
That would be a huge jump for BJ to go from 155 to 185. Unless he wouldn't mind fighting him at 175 or something I don't see him making 185 or at least being the same fighter at that weight. Thats why he dropped down to 155. Overall, I don't think its going to happen, but if it did i would go with Silva.
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