B.J. Penn: I'd Make Joe Lauzon Fight Me

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3/13/08 6:40:21PM
If Joe Lauzon (16-3 MMA, 3-0 UFC) beats Kenny Florian in their UFC Fight Night 13 main event, and if B.J. Penn (12-4-1 MMA, 8-3-1 UFC) successfully defends his title against Sean Sherk at UFC 83, a Lauzon-Penn title fight could be on the horizon -- according to Penn, anyway.

Although the two training partners would seem unlikely opponents, Penn says he would make Lauzon fight him so the youngster could "realize his dreams."

We started chatting about what he thought of Joe's upcoming fight; BJ feels that Joe has a very good chance of winning his fight against Kenny Florian for Ultimate Fight Night in Broomfield, CO. "If Joe does win, and I win the belt, there's a good chance that we may have to fight each other." I quickly responded, "But you guys wouldn't do that, would you?" BJ said, "He would have to fight me if he wants to be the champion. I want him to realize his dreams; I would make him fight me."

3/13/08 8:51:15PM
of course why not, penn could move up. and lauzon is young and got a bright future makes sense.
3/13/08 9:21:23PM
i would like to see them fight bc they train together, but think it ends up being bad for the trainee
3/13/08 11:09:17PM
Regardless of what happens in the 2 fights, I think Penn will be LW champion for a long time
3/13/08 11:15:17PM
the more i read about BJ and Lauzon the more i am tempted to pick him. this is getting harder and harder to chose.
3/13/08 11:30:05PM
Lauzon & Florian is very difficult to call...It's almost stressing me out but mostly i'm just looking forward to it.
3/14/08 12:26:27AM
am i the only one who feels that florian will win this fight fairly easily?
3/14/08 3:28:29AM

Posted by xphycorx

am i the only one who feels that florian will win this fight fairly easily?

No you aren't. I feel the same way. I think Lauzon has a ton of potential but he just isn't at the caliber of Florian yet. I could see Lauzon being the champ one day, but let me stress one day. I don't see him being champ in the next couple of years, but I could see him being champ in about 3-5 years or so. It seems like a long time from know but just imagine the glory.
3/14/08 8:01:31AM
I think BJ Penn Matt Serra and Tito have been easily the best coaches on that show. serra may have a bog mouth, but he really gives the guys great play by play help when they;re fighting. They all do, I think that's what puts them up there.
3/14/08 8:18:59AM
Fights like this are the reason I wait until 3 or 4 days prior to the event to make my picks. If I do it any earlier, I'm constantly changing my mind over who's going to win and how they're going to do it. Doing it how I do now, I'm only crazy for 3 or 4 days at a time.

I want Lauzon to win this fight badly.

However, my heart is telling me he's still not "there" just yet. I'd love to see him knock the shit out of Florian.
3/14/08 9:22:11AM
penn is arguably the most talented bjj practitioner in the world and has transitioned those skills to mma better than anybody. The only one who I would say is comparable is perhaps nog. Penn and his trainers keep saying that lauzon is a young penn and has huge potential.. lauzon is a humble kid and is willing to soak up everything that bj will teach him, and thats a lot. Florian's bjj is top notch, but he's never really fought a top jj guy. Right now I have florian picked to win this fight, but i cant help but visualize lauzon making a beautiful transition to florians back and sinking in a rearnaked the way only penn knows how
3/14/08 9:56:49AM
I think it sounds great for this to happen
3/14/08 12:28:36PM
I'm as big a Lauzon nuthugger as they come, but BJ would crush him.

3/14/08 3:35:31PM
wow Student vs Master. Think of the promo's for that !
3/14/08 9:18:24PM
Student vs. Master sounds like a Kung Fu movie.
3/15/08 12:20:53PM
I think Mr. BJ is getting a little ahead of himself. Joe still has to win the fight with Kenny. Which I don't think is happening. Plus Joe would have to get a few more wins after Kenny in my opinion. Also I think BJ loses to Sherk anyway.
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