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2/2/09 12:40:34PM
Is it just me or should pellegrino have his way with emerson by taking him down and gnp him? pellegrino is only -200
2/2/09 12:55:52PM
Pellegrino can really win this fight anyway he wants. in my opinion he is better in all aspects, but i agree he will most likely take Emerson down and pound him out, maybe submit him.
2/2/09 2:08:23PM
Pellegrino is -360
2/2/09 2:11:13PM
pellegrino is -200 on an actual betting site.. the lines on here are always not what the actual lines are
2/2/09 2:20:55PM
oh my bad I thought you ment on here
2/2/09 3:07:36PM
Pelle should dominant, unless emerson get's that same ko like he did against manny.
2/2/09 3:24:21PM
I dunno, Emerson is notoriously hard to finish. I think Pellegrino will win a dominating decision.
2/2/09 3:47:12PM
ya that betting line is very low, I think pellegrino is a heavy favorite in this fight, kurt is underrated.
2/2/09 4:09:12PM
to be honest i see pellegrino controlling the first and coming out in the 2nd tired and taking a lazy shot and emerson capatilizing with another suprising KO
2/2/09 4:11:18PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Pelle should dominant, unless emerson get's that same ko like he did against manny.

What a vicious KO, lol, P should win this fight.
2/2/09 6:57:25PM
I am having a hard time picking this fight. By all rights Pelligrino should win, but Emerson is a scrappy and very game guy(first pro fight was against Pulver) . He has heavy hands and could catch batman at take him out. Plus we really havent got to see how he has improved since TUF. His fight with Nakamura was a wash and there wasn't much of a fight with Manny.
2/2/09 7:21:14PM
Most of Kurt's losses are due to getting complacent in an area he shouldn't due to becoming over confident. I see Kurt coming out in this fight and taking it to Emerson. I honestly don't see an aspect of the game where Emerson is better than Kurt. I don't foresee this to be a very competitive fight. Nothing against Emerson but i think his game is light years behind Kurt's.
2/2/09 10:48:04PM
Pellegrino by what ever he want

Emerson dont deserve to fight such level of fighter

2/3/09 1:13:43AM
Dude Emerson is the leader of a badass street gang in Beverly Hills. No way he loses!
2/4/09 6:01:51PM
I think that Batman will get the win. But Emerson is game. He isnt getting much love in this thread but he is a pretty tough guy.
2/5/09 12:55:04AM
No doubt in my mind that Pellegrino takes this one.
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