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7/4/10 6:25:13PM
I remember Pellegrino saying before this fight and his last fight that if he lost again he would retire. I think he is a very exciting fighter and I would hate to see him quit. Just wondering what you guys think he will do. Congrats to George. I thought he looked great last night.
7/4/10 7:10:28PM
He'll fight again. All this loss did was snap a 4-fight win streak and put George into the title picture.
7/4/10 7:19:02PM
I like how Kurt cries about george cheating then gets worked on the feet.
7/4/10 8:04:33PM
Batman is an exciting fighter. I can't see how having 5 losses TOTAL would motivate him to retire. I think that was just tongue-in-cheek. I hope so, anyhow.
7/4/10 8:08:50PM
I Actually thought Kurt won...
7/4/10 10:31:05PM
George definately won. I think Pellegrino has reached his full potential and it is still not good enough to contend for a title. He is a good gatekeeper but I don't think he will ever be a title contender in the UFC. I am not taking anything away from his fighting ability, I just think he is a little out of his league in the UFC and would be better off career wise dominating in Bellator or even in Japan.
7/5/10 1:35:57AM
I believe he said that if he didn't win he would retire due to him being 31 (?) and where does he go after a loss. He wants to be able to fight for the title and obviously losing is not putting him there. He said while training, he spends little time with his family, something he doesn't like to do. Maybe he will stick around for the money, maybe he will just concentrate on running his gym. I love watching Kurt fight, although I have to admit, he looked nothing like he usually does last night. Hopefully we will see him again.
7/5/10 3:22:33AM
IMO he could have easily won that fight if he would have stuck to taking George down over and over again. Not that he was able to do anything significant on the ground, but we all know these judges and how takedowns seem to be the equivalent of landing a 12 pound sledgehammer to the dome of your opponent to them.

Sotiropoulos' game impresses me, but the one thing he's lacking still is good TD defense. Either that or he just doesn't care if he gets taken down. IMO Pellegrino has a stable enough base to not get swept and powerful enough takedowns to score a decision if he goes in with the right gameplan.
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