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7/29/08 1:20:54AM
Pedro Rizzo’s debute on Affliction wasn’t the way he was expecting. After ten months away from fighting, the Brazilian fighter felt a little the time but didn’t searched for excuses to explain the loss. “It was my fault. I did everything right, trained hard, but didn’t used it on the fight, I got stucked on the ring. I believe it’s because of the ten months without fighting, but I don’t have excuses. I was trained, ready, but didn’t fought well”, said Rizzo, that will fight again at Affliction’s second show. “I’ll fight at October 11th, but I don’t know whom yet. They (Affliction) talked about Paul Buentello, but there’s nothing right yet”, finished the athlete, that is back on trainings for his next fight.

7/29/08 1:26:27AM
I wonder who Rizzo will fight. I wouldn't mind seeing Rizzo vs Rothwell. Looks like we are in for another treat from Affliction with the way this card is shaping up. Fedor/AA, Tito/Babalu....
7/29/08 1:58:20AM
yeh i'd like to see him back to winning ways so i agree with the buentello fight
7/29/08 3:32:25AM
Im serious when I say this, I think Barnett Rizzo2 was rigged. Not sayin Barnett wouldn't have won, just that Rizzo only threw 1 light inside leg kick.
Leg Kicks are his bread and butter. And he seemed a bit outta it during the fight. sloppy, not really caring about the fight. as if he was only giving 50%
7/29/08 9:28:02AM
Sylvia vs Rizzo could be good, would be sick to see Rizzo chop down Sylvia. Or Rizzo vs Buentello.
7/29/08 10:59:17AM
This is all great but like I have already said, its going to be the same fighters on just about every card for a while. I guess they are exciting matchups but it will get boring watching the same guys over...and over....and over again.
7/29/08 11:10:03AM
There are some good options for this fight.

like you guys said in the other posts, Sylvia vs Rizzo, Rothwell vs Rizzo or Buentello vs Rizzo. or even goodridge
7/29/08 12:33:54PM
I think jsut about everyone who faught in Affliction 1 is going to be fighting in Affliction 2...and Affliction 3...and Affliction get the idea.

They made a big signing with Tito, but lets face it- that was more about the gate and PPV flow than it was about the talent. Either way, I'll probably remain sceptical until they become more diverse in other weight classes and have a deeper talent pool. They are very top heavy, and so the match-ups will look great for another card or two. but it won't take long before everyone has fought everyone else and the routine gets a little old.
8/2/08 7:21:35PM
i totally disagree i think affliction is on to somethin....... they had so many ppl in the crowd there that werent even fighting that could be possible match ups for ppl.......aleksander emelianenko,roy nelson jus to name a couple of em ......and wit the IFL now on the way out ppl from there are gunna be lookin for a home!!!!!

not to mention that m1 is in tight wit dream so u could see some of those guys fight wit affliction!!!!!!

give it a lil longer and affliction will be huge i think personally.......they have had one event and already have the best heavyweight division in the world!!!!! IMO
8/2/08 7:31:25PM
You know with all the returning awesome heavyweights they should have just had a heavy weight Tournament for the WAMMA Belt man that would be awesome
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