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1/30/07 5:09:07PM
I think if you test positive for THC then you should get a trophy for fighting while blitz..... I mean how well can you do if your high as ****.
1/30/07 5:15:49PM
It's just like when I was in high school, and I did all my studing when I was all cooked, if I'da gone to take the test sober I'dabeen f**ked.

Just like Bas says: Train just like you'll be fighting, with a mouth piece in, wearing a cup, shirtless, just like a sanctioned fight...

So if getting ripped's your thing, I'd follow suit... Always listen to Bas

Then again, I didn't do too well in highschool (as you can probably tell by my spelling)...
1/30/07 5:18:52PM
I don't know how they'd consider it a performance enhancing drug.
1/30/07 5:20:33PM

Posted by sfhdsa

I don't know how they'd consider it a performance enhancing drug.

The olympic comittee took that one Candian guy's gold from him because they considered THC a performance inhancing drug...

Bullsh!t in my humble opinion
1/30/07 5:26:28PM
THC does not enhance your performance, or mine anyways. I tried it about ten years ago and it did nothing for me but make me wanna watch TV and eat ice cream. Thats amazing they even test for it. But on the downlow I think Leben smokes the jaybirds too.. Sssshhhhhh
1/30/07 5:30:56PM
There's already a thread about this in the MMA lounge.
1/30/07 5:43:49PM
I'm all about the bud...they waste money, time, and resources by testing for it. They should stick with roids and **** that actually matters. Noone is ever, EVER going to have an advantage because they're stoned.
1/30/07 5:51:00PM
seems like a pointless test its not performance inhancing so why test for it
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