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12/15/12 7:41:15AM
GOLD COAST, Australia – Ross Pearson had his reasons for not shaking George Sotiropoulos' hand following his third-round TKO victory at UFC on FX 6.

Pearson (14-6 MMA, 6-3 UFC) told ( that Sotiropoulos (14-5 MMA, 7-3 UFC) punched his assistant boxing coach off-camera over a Twitter beef.

The boxing coach, Erin Beach, then knocked out Sotiropoulos.

"That's why I said I lost all respect for him, and that's why I didn't shake his hands afterward," Pearson said. "That's why I'm not his friend now – because he acted unprofessional."

12/15/12 8:02:47AM
IF this is true, then I don't blame Pearson for not shaking his hand. If it's true that is highly unprofessional behavior and should have been reprimanded. However, until I read/hear about confirmation of the incident from someone other than Pearson, I'm taking this for a grain of salt. Sotiropoulos is normally a fairly stand up guy, so I have some trouble accepting this as absolute fact without proof.
12/15/12 9:52:22AM
G-Sot doesn't seem like that type of guy but who knows.
12/15/12 10:25:16AM
MMA Junkie isnt normally a site that prints crap, Im totally shocked at this, also might explain why G-Sot had no chin.
12/15/12 10:34:50AM
this should be a NC, Pearson's camp clearly cheated and gave him the upper hand

12/15/12 11:24:55AM
Haha can't really blame him for not shaking hands if this is true!
12/15/12 11:31:56AM
I find it strange that this incident wasn't filmed.. Pearson said it happened on the set & TUF is usually all about this shit. Where were the cameramen?!
12/15/12 12:23:07PM
from what i seen on the show, G-Sot did act like a dick towards Pearson and wonder 'why all the hate homie?'..Pearson didnt do anything to u..he was real nice and calm and relax, but G-Sot was telling him to get the fuck out over and over and then acted like yeah i'm the needs to get punched out and humbled..good job Pearson..
12/15/12 12:55:48PM
Don't they learn from U.S. versions of TUF?? You take your anger out on the doors.
12/15/12 1:12:05PM
Do not blame him at all!
And Boy!!! What a great fight for Pearson! He owned George! Shocked so many ppl didnt have faith in Pearson, wayyy better fighter! and it showed!
12/15/12 3:17:26PM
I sold Pearson short. I though g SOP would sub him out
Then I realized George hasn't fought in over a year and a half. I would have picked against him
12/15/12 5:38:13PM
i need to change my AV...
12/15/12 7:10:05PM

Posted by aussiemma

i need to change my AV...

It's a photoshop right?

He's smiling.
12/16/12 6:18:25PM
Makes the victory that much sweeter.
12/17/12 1:07:32AM
After watching TUF: Smashes (which was loads better than TUF 16) i can totally see George doing something like this.

He came off as being arrogant and egotistical with absolutely ZERO sense of humour. He repeated the same rubbish joke for about four weeks in a row at one stage.