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12/15/08 8:29:48PM
just wanted to give the guys on here a heads up..
thier is fraud emails goinig around sayin that they are from pay pal.. but they are not i just got one today and they are trying to get me to dispute a purchase.. my best freind got this same email about 8 years ago and are still fighting with the identity theft from it today.. so if you get this email do not click the links or responde to it.. pay pal will never ask you for any info about your account in a email.. not do they send then out.. so if you get one , contact pay pal.. or just forward it .

bye the way it looks just like a paypal page.
12/15/08 10:14:10PM
Dude, thanks a lot. I just checked my email and I received it so I immediately deleted it. Again, thanks for the look out.
12/16/08 1:27:41AM
i actually fell victim to this around 2 years ago. the fake link takes u to a website that looks exactly like paypal, and they steal your log in information. what happened to me was that they were selling curtains from my account, and charged about $150 in fees. i had the collection agency after me and had to dispute with ebay/paypal to get resolved

just be wary of the hyperlink, and to what domain name it directs you to
12/16/08 2:41:18AM
Ive been ripped off by paypal before, not them but someone getting into my account and running up $500+ on pc gaming sites. My bank repayed the missing $$ but never felt safe with paypals security.
12/16/08 6:53:12AM
I don't like using services like that, I've used PayPal maybe twice ever, only reason I use it now is to pay for my Premium membership here.
12/16/08 9:13:53AM
Scammers just keep getting better and better, and to keep yourself safe, you need to make sure that you are keeping up with the latest schemes.

Be safe everybody, because losing your identity ain't fun.
12/16/08 9:34:08AM
Even better, just do what I do anytime I get what even resembles a scam, Nigerian Fraud Scheme, or similar in my email: Check the box next to it then click the "Spam/Junk" button. Don't even open them. These usually are easy to spot by ways of bad spelling/grammar, all caps in the subject, a name you don't recognize as sender (like a Mr. whatever), anything from a Lottery or promotion-especially overseas, etc.

If anyone else has some good tips like what I just posted, by all means share them to help out other people.
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