Has anyone been paying attention to Pat Smith?

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7/23/11 1:47:07AM
Unlike many of his counterparts from his era, this guy is still beating legit competition! he will never be a contender again, but beating the likes of Brad Imes as of 2009 is impressive for the man. I dunno, I was just really surprises to see Pat Smith, who never really made a serious impact in the UFC besides having some entertaining battles, is still kickin' and making a living doing it!
7/23/11 1:49:23AM
Wow, I really tried to formulate that without showing my drunkenness, but I failed miserably.
7/23/11 2:07:11AM
I thought the post turned out fine other than I would've added a picture of a taco truck.

7/23/11 12:12:36PM
I can't remember Pat Smith, but Ricco Rodriguez is kinda doing the same thing.
7/23/11 12:17:11PM
7/23/11 4:10:17PM
Smith is done, isn't he? He hasn't fought since '09
7/23/11 11:37:20PM
Yeah, he probably is, I just was shocked to find out Pat Smith was still going strong as of 2009.
7/24/11 1:45:39AM
I really respect this man when i was watching all the early UFC's he was primarily a stand up fighter then after seeing Royce Gracie fight he started to learn the ground game and in a post fight interview he said probably the greatest quote in MMA history IMO "If you can't fight on the ground then you can't fight"
7/24/11 5:07:20AM
Pat Smith was a badass for sure. Last time I saw him fight I think it was Butterbean in Yamma. But even before the UFC if memory serves me right he was a pretty legit karate guy.
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