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POLL: would you be willing to pay a bit more, for the prelims
hell yeh 33% (16)
hell no 21% (10)
depends on the card 46% (22)
3/19/09 2:14:00PM
to see the prelims?
like 5 or 10 dollars for another hour of fights?
obviously they cant show them ALL (especially on a card like 97 with 12 fights)
but many times i really want to see some/all of the prelims.PPV's allowed, bt im pretty sure the affliction cards were at least scheduled longer.

I know you can see them on ufc on demand, which i have, but not untill the next day or later, and they dont work for mac's which is my primary computer.

3/19/09 2:21:42PM
Well isnt it 45$ for a PPV now? I cant remember I havent ordered one in awhile but that was what I paid for the last one I ordered.

45/3 hours=15$

So for another hour for prelims, would be 15$

60$ for a ppv, 4 hour broadcast.

I'd prolly say no.
3/19/09 2:22:40PM
If you use that model it's cheaper to pay to watch the prelims at UFC On Demand. If you don't have a subscription plan they charge $2 per fight, which is still cheaper that way.
3/19/09 2:42:02PM
I like the idea, but as DC pointed out, it's cheaper to purchase the prelims after the event. PPV time slots cost so much, that to add prelims and extend the broadcast would probably cost another $20.

I just wish they would put the prelims up sooner. I don't see why it takes 48 hours to put up material you already have on tape.
3/19/09 3:39:42PM
I would pay $60 for 4 hours... but I would very picky about who is fighting on those cards.
3/19/09 5:42:42PM
I always watch UFC's at the bar or live and free on the net so no, and they make money off them anyway at ufc.com
3/19/09 6:45:55PM
Not unless it was a really stacked undercard, and even then....
3/19/09 7:11:59PM
I'm already paying $10 more for HD... couldn't stomach much more.
3/19/09 7:51:47PM
honestly i wouldn't, there is usually only one maybe two fights that slightly peak my interest on the prelims and they are usually fights that end up on the prelims of a ufn card as well, i'll stick with the main card and if we get to see a few prelims, i'm happy.

So pretty much I'm not going to dish out the extra cash to see jon fitch fight three or four times a year.
3/19/09 10:56:01PM
If you're really that concerned w/ it you know how to watch them free at a pretty quick pace. If you want to watch them all live go to the event, that's UFC's point of view. It is what it is, there is never any promise they'll be aired and often times the exciting ones are.

OItherwise wait 12 or 24 hrs til they're free on the net.

No I wouldn't pay more, but I'm smart enug to almost never pay to see an event anyway. One day it will be the norm as w/ all other sports.
3/19/09 11:15:11PM
I picked depends on card, but if I were single I would buy them all and worry about paying the bill later. My woman splits the bill with me and it would be a hard sell to convince her to spend the extra scratch on fighters that she's never heard of (more of a casual fan, but at least she digs it and knows what is going on in the fight, names of the more recognizable fighters, grappling techniques, etc).
3/20/09 8:09:53AM
it doesn't matter to be eventually i'll be buying the ufc event on dvd and see them
3/20/09 8:12:30AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

it doesn't matter to be eventually i'll be buying the ufc event on dvd and see them

Same for me, but i always find the impaired prelims on line after the fight anyway.This is one are I find most mma companies, not just the UFc to be at fault in.
3/20/09 5:42:38PM
No I usually watch the prelims on MMa-core or somwhere else the day after, 50 is enough
3/20/09 7:31:24PM
i just wait for some1 to post the prelims, the playground is the spot for all MMA thats why i love it, if i it werent for here id probly buy them on UFC demand also
3/21/09 9:33:52PM
i don't pay for anyone of them... so nope i won't pay more for prelims... ESPECIALLY with the way the last few PPVs went... we have been able to see nearly every prelims with the amount of short fights we have had recently...

one of the purposes for undercard fights is it allows for filler if they have several quick fights... if Zuffa buys 3 hours of PPV time they need to use it or they are wasting money... and showing a fight > watching dead air...

its one of the pluses of not being there live.. you don't have to sit though dead time while they space fights out for the PPV time
3/26/09 2:58:12PM
Really depends on the card though... some prelims have been horrible though all through out.
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