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4/30/12 11:54:54AM
When Bellator lost its middleweight champion Hector Lombard to the UFC last week, it was at least partially because in the UFC's offer, they monetized the deal through pay-per-view. That avenue isn't available to Bellator right now, but within two years, it might be.

As Bellator grows internationally through its major deal with distribution giant Fremantle Enterprises, and makes its move domestically to Spike, new opportunities will arise. And that could mean that at some point, Bellator will try out the pay-per-view format.

Organization CEO Bjorn Rebney told MMA Fighting that the promotion is considering all of its options when it comes to producing live content, but that Bellator would only make the move to pay-per-view under the right circumstances.

"I think what you’ll see is as this is monetized and that sector plays out, it’ll play out with the big fights on that platform," he said in a recent interview. "You need that kind of platform for what they’re doing. We may get there. I never wanted to make a firm commitment to it as far as when and if we’ll get there, though. It’s really something that we might do, but it needs the right fights and the right talent to get you there."

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4/30/12 12:18:13PM
The only way they could make me consider ordering a PPV is if they bring back one night tournaments.
4/30/12 12:41:18PM
I don't catch Bellator as much with it being free...with ppv, forget it
4/30/12 12:52:09PM
This would be a failure for them.

Can barely pull 200k viewers for your events. Move to spike and then maybe if you get bigger and make changes then maybe, but still probably won't be good enough.
4/30/12 12:59:10PM
ya i dont think itll work unless they do one night tournaments i guess they hope they can trap you into buying 3 or four ppvs like this
4/30/12 1:07:07PM
4/30/12 1:09:22PM

Posted by prophecy033


Free TV = no one is watching
PPV = no one will buy
4/30/12 1:24:51PM
No thanks to the PPV. I'm fine with watching it on every week.
4/30/12 2:02:36PM
Slow and steady will do you just fine. But go ahead.... take the Strikeforce approach.
4/30/12 2:52:48PM
Bellator doesn't have the star power and the stars they do have are maybe jumping ship.
4/30/12 3:24:48PM
"Ppv could be in bellator's future" *months go past* "bankruptcy could be in bellator's future"
4/30/12 3:58:20PM
Not Watching Bellator Could be in Tim's Future
4/30/12 5:28:46PM
4/30/12 6:29:22PM
lol i thought this was going to be a joke.

as has already been expressed, if no one is watching it for free, who the hell is gonna pay to watch it?
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