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3/1/13 2:11:30PM
Welterweights Paulo Thiago and Lance Benoist are the latest additions to UFC on FX 8, an event that takes place May 18 in Brazil.

3/1/13 2:30:15PM
Good fight I see Thiago taking this one but, Benoist is no joke. If Paulo sleeps on Lance he may end up on the losingĀ end of the decision
3/1/13 2:46:17PM
War Thiago, his fight with Sanchez was one of the best fight's that year.
3/1/13 2:49:02PM
Loser gets cut match. Gotta go with thiago
3/1/13 3:05:12PM
really hope Paulo can shake off the funk with this one
3/1/13 3:05:14PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Loser gets cut match.

I might freak out if Thiago goes. That Thiago was so hot 3-4 years ago, that Thiago, but man he's hit such a rough patch.
3/2/13 3:56:46PM
I like Chris Benoist hopefully he can stay off the steroids. I hope he pulls off the upset and throws Thiago in the Crippler's Crossface
3/2/13 5:58:34PM
i like benoist. Thiago seems like he is on the way out.
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