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6/22/08 1:49:56AM
The middleweight WEC Champion, Paulo Filho, talked to Tatame Maganize ( about his friend Anderson Silva - UFC middleweight champion -, who is moving to light heavyweight division to face James Irvin at UFC Fight Night 14, July 19th:

6/22/08 1:58:47AM
Double negative, means that he doesn't think Anderson can beat anyone!
Haha Just kidding...I do see him doing very well in 205.
6/22/08 3:12:12AM
Anderson should still have to face Okami and Hendo again.
6/22/08 4:20:40AM
Spider vs Machida in less than a year??
Who takes it??

I dont think Paulo could take Machida. I'm not even a fan of him, I just think if anyone right now in the LHW division could take the Spider it would be him. Page/Spider or Wand/Spider would be sick....supa sick.
6/22/08 5:25:19AM

Posted by xtra_chewy

Spider vs Machida in less than a year??

Won't happen they're training partners.
6/22/08 10:08:39AM
I think there are more than a few guys that can beat silva at 205.
6/22/08 11:47:22AM

Posted by juanez13

I think there are more than a few guys that can beat silva at 205.

Me too. For definate.

BUT, only because it's not his natural weight class
6/22/08 11:54:42AM
I don't see Anderson being unbeatable at 205 either. He's definetally not going to be strong enough to hold people in his clinch at 205. Which is one of his key weapons and of course Filho is going to say that. There like best freinds. Although I think he'll beat Irvin, I think he gives him more trouble than people think. Irvin is super strong and has excellent striking. I don't see Silva beating any of the major top guys in the division.
6/22/08 12:07:30PM

Posted by MMAcca

Posted by xtra_chewy

Spider vs Machida in less than a year??

Won't happen they're training partners.

Why not???? With the right money you could get any two fighters into the ring.. just cause they are training partners does not mean they would not step into the ring against each other.. Faber and Pulver proved you do not need to dislike your opponent to step into the ring.. granted they do not train together..

Personally I think this would be an incredible fight.. espcially since they know each others styles... It usually makes for a great fight...
6/22/08 2:26:04PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Anderson should still have to face Okami and Hendo again.

i can understand okami. hes the legit next in line guy for the mw title. why in the hell should he HAVE to face hendo still?? didnt he finish hendo in rd 2? who has hendo beat to prove he deserves another title shot at anderson

i think silva could be very sucessful at 205 but he will get tested alot more. he walks around 220ish so it wont be like he will have to add weight to fight but these guys are also bigger. there are alot more serious strikers with 1punch ko power in lhw div so i see alot of good possible fights for him/

wand/chuck/shogun/rampage/soku/forrest the list could go on for awhile
6/22/08 6:25:00PM
A lot of people will give him trouble at 205, especially elite strikers like Machida, Shogun, Liddell, and Wanderlei. I think that's why he's been so dominant at 185. He's a great fighter of course, but there aren't man great strikers at 185 aside from Franklin ( who is a good striker, but he's a one dimensional striker who primarily relies upon boxing).

So 205 is really going to test him because there's a lot of guys that match up well with Silva. Irvin's a dangerous striker to, and explosive. I think Silva is going to try and take him down early.

Silva has been pretty adamant about not fighting people he has trained with, but he's training with so many top guys, eventually he is going to have to suck it up and fight them. If it comes down to relinquish your title or fight the top guy who may be a former training partner, I'm sure he'll change his tune.

6/23/08 12:45:34AM
I disagree with most of the comments here. People are saying he ruled the middleweight division because there weren't any real strikers? He'd be even MORE dominant if there WAS more strikers in that division. That being said, the LHW division is full of strikers, and I don't see anyone, with the exception of machida or maybe rampage being able to pose a threat to him. Liddell thrives on people making mistakes, running at him and then catching him. Silva is too smart and too technical to get caught up in that game, not to mention Chuck probably wouldn't take silva down. Shogun is explosive and puts the pressure on, but Silva's counter striking ability would neutralize that. Actually, the same goes for wanderlei.

Basically, I don't see anyone who's game is to stand with silva coming close to beating him. And that's the gameplan of most of the top 205ers.
6/23/08 2:59:44PM
I disagree with ANYONE who says Silva is pound for pound the number 1 fighter in the world. Has any1 seen the video of maybe the most impressive submission in MMA ever applied? Ryo Chonan, Prides janitor, and fighter (when they want some1 to get his ass whooped) pulled off a SICK flying... well I wont spoil it for those who haven't seen it. besides, who has he beat recently? Sure, big names, but big names on the decline.

Dan Henderson? guys a beast, but he's been on a big slide, losing 3 of his last 5 fights.

Rich Franklin? IMO this guys overrated from the gate. He's only fought 3 top 10 fighters, 2 of which kicked his ass. Other than that he's been running through bad B and ok A fighters for the last 8yrs.

Nathan Marquardt? Sure i'd say he's top 10 in the world, but barely. his last big win was against Misaki 4yrs ago! Since then he hasn't won a fight vs a top 10 fighter ever.

Travis Lutter?? HA!

Chris Leben? HA! HA!

Tony Fyklund??? This ****** guy is 1 loss from retirement.

Beyond that, his last big win was VS Sakurai back on '01...

I think he's been thrown in vs some sloppy strikers with big names and he's picked them apart. Don't get me wrong, he's good, but this is a guy that got shuffled out of Pride on some big losses vs some weak fighters and got lucky in the UFC. Good for him. Number 1 in the world pound for pound? laughable.
6/23/08 3:33:46PM
Wanderlei would kick the living sheeeeeeeeeeeeeet out of Anderson. He would be far to relentless for those slick moves of Anderson. Wanderlei could take a couple of his shots on the way in and just swing away at his bald head.

Machida would be a great technical fight but Machida's size advantage would be decisive.
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