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7/20/08 5:33:53PM
IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! I wish people would stop talking about this fight. For one, they are friends and said they wont fight. Second, it wouldnt even be close. Anderson would absolutely murder him. Chaell Sonnen was well destroying him on the feet but for some unknown reason kept taking him down as well. If Sonnen owned him on the feet, imagine what Silva would do to him. Filho has never fought ANY top competition. He has 4 or 5 "ok" guys on his record. Yuki Kondo, Sonnen, The punk minowa, murilo rua, and ryo chonnan. I know chonnan has a win over Silva but it was a flying heel hook 4 years ago. I dont know why people have teh nuts of paulo in their mouth, hes not even top 5.
7/20/08 5:39:09PM
I couldn't agree more, Filho never impressed me either. I'm tired of hearing about how hes "gettin over a chemical dependency" like hes some kinda victim. Its not the flu or a car crash.
7/20/08 6:07:51PM
you are right that this fight will never happen but the sonnen fight has nothing to do with how the actual fight would play out. of course anderson would destroy him on the feet but the difference between anderson and chael is that filho could take anderson down, but can not take chael down. chael is an olympic caliber greco roman guy training out of team quest (mma's greco headquarters) so he can dictate if the fight goes to the ground or not. believe it or not, chael sonnen is a lot harder to take down than anderson silva. thats what makes this fight semi interesting and why you shouldnt apply mmamath to fights. filho having a tough time with chael sonnen dosent mean that everyone who can beat sonnen will have an equally easy time with filho.

for the record though, anderson would probably destroy him but outside of hendo, lindland, he probably has the best chance at mw
7/20/08 6:51:51PM
The TC must like answering his own questions.

I doubt it'll ever happen but never say never, Filho's probably going to be in UFC soon after the Sonnen fight regardless of its outcome.
7/20/08 7:22:44PM
I personally think anderson would wreck Filho. Just my opinion but i dont think it would even be that close, all due respect to Filho.

I really think Hendo is the only guy who can beat anderson at 185 at this point, if he could repeat the first round of their last fight for the entire duration. After lindlands showing last night i think silva would maul him.
7/20/08 7:46:58PM
Anderson would maul him i am begining to belive that Filho is a little too overated, a much more potent ground guy will be needed to derail the spider, someone like Meia, Palhares, or Leites
7/20/08 8:13:40PM
anderson would kill him no doubt in my mind. If chael sonnen gave filho a tough time then anderson would put filho in his grave
7/20/08 8:24:15PM
filho has the best shot because he has the best jiu jitsu, other than that you have to look at a guy with great one punch ko power, and it's certainly not rich franklin. i thought marquardt matched up with him well and anderson put that to rest. i thought hendo was going to beat him but silva put that to rest too. i think after the cote fight he moves up to 205 for good, the guy is just amazing.
7/20/08 8:56:58PM
Filho needs to lay off the dope before he worries about anything else.
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