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11/8/07 11:38:19AM
With the UFC and WEC both owned by Zuffa, they are still somewhat seperate entities. When Paulo's contract is up with the WEC, the UFC should sign him.
The MW division in the UFC has no one, IMO, that can beat Anderson Silva, as of right now, and the person that probably had the best shot at it, Rich Franklin, has now been beaten by him twice now.

Filho is ranked # 2 or 3 in most MMA MW polls. So why doesn't the UFC get him? The MW division needs Paulo Filho.

Sure, some say that GSP should step up to MW to fight Anderson, but why?? I'd like to see it, but he's perfect for the WW division. He's a HUGE WW and one of the most dynamic and well-rounded fighters in MMA. Maybe after he regains the belt, and defends it (hopefully against the winner of a Karo/Fitch fight) then he might would step up in weight to fight him. But right now, it makes no sense for him to do that.

I think Paulo Filho/Anderson Silva would make for a good fight. Also, Dan Henderson needs to go back down to 185. The addition of these two fighters would definately make the MW division much deeper, and make for some interesting fights. The only problem with Filho/Silva is the Brazilian connection with Paulo with BTT and Anderson's past connections with them, but now with the Mauy Thai Dream Team. Sure Ryo Chonan has beaten Silva before, but he's a true WW and I don't believe could pull off another win over Anderson again. Also Yushin Okami would make for a good fight. Even Houston Alexander is a small LHW and could possibly go down to 185.

My point is, the UFC needs Paulo Filho and Dan Henderson, not to mention Dennis Kang, in the MW division to make the MW division deeper and have some hard-core fighters that pose a serious threat to Anderson Silva, because as of right now, he's on top of his game and running through his opponents.

Agree or Disagree??

11/8/07 1:05:04PM
You should read this:

Something Interesting

Any more questions??
11/8/07 3:06:22PM
One guy isn't going to save the division dude. The division doesn't need saving. However, there's nothing wrong with looking around at what has the potential to be the best possible fights in various weight divisions. I think Hendo vs. Anderson or Anderson vs. Filho would be great. Anderson is a dominate fighter and will probably dominate this division for a while unless they sign someone such as a Kang or Filho, or if Hendo drops down, or until some new young blood comes in that's going to be the next Wandy or Fedor. You just never know.
I remember watching GSP's first fights in the UFC, and I knew right then, and told my buddies, this dude will own the belt and be a dominate force in the WW division for quite a few years. And it's fun to watch it pan out. I just hope that Dana continues with his savvy business practices, but learns some more about public relations and taking care of your fighters. Your always going to have unhappy fighters that "aren't getting enough fights" or "wants a title shot," or whatever. But you have to earn the majority's respect, and that means paying the fighters right. The kind of money the Fertittas and Dana are making, they could easily afford to pay the fighters more, and they still would be raking the cash in and all the best fighters would come to you. Oh, well, we'll always have those, "I wonder what would happen if this dude fought that dude." And that just sucks..............
11/8/07 5:36:47PM
Paulo switched camps, THIS WILL HAPPEN!!!!

Because I don't don't see anybody beating Anderson Silva in the time Paulo is dominating the WEC. In that time I can't see Anderson losing with Dan not making any promises to drop down by the time Zuffa realizes he needs to bump up with the big boys...

I see it being a slugfest on the feet until Paulo catches one of Andersons legs and takes him down. I think this process repeats itself with Paulo dominating on the ground for 2 or 3 rounds and I think Paulo wins by submission...
11/8/07 6:25:48PM
First of all, people need to stop seeing WEC as a feeder org and a step down from the UFC. Secondly, yes I would love to see this match, and in all honesty I see Filho completely dominating Silva... hopefuly for a unification title...
11/8/07 7:15:15PM
I didn't mean it as a "feeder" org I just say he should step up to the better competition or the "big boys" in the UFC....
11/9/07 3:26:24PM
"Feeder League?"

Nobody said anything about the WEC being a feeder league, and obviously, if they could get in on the action of these two fighting they would, but let's face, this will happen:
Anderson will continue to beat various opponents mostly through standup until Paulo's contract with the WEC ends, and the UFC signs him and gives him a quick title shot.
That is the best possible middleweight fight that could happen right now unless Dan Henderson suddenly changes his mind about going back down. Robbie Lawler wouldn't beat Silva, so who else has a legitmate shot.
That's pretty much the topic, and this is what will more than likely come to fruition.
If Paulo Filho could take Anderson down, and we all know Anderson's suberb bjj (black belt), he would have a good shot at beating him. However Anderson is one of the best all-around fighters in MMA and would probably be my pick to win 13 out of 20 fights, about 65%. That'd be a good line, 65/35 for Anderson in Vegas.
Maybe 60%, but I don't know, Anderson's a great fighter, not to mention one of the most brutal and entertaining fighters in the sport.
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