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12/19/08 10:14:40AM
After his poor performance what is Paulo Filho doing right now? Is he going to go to the UFC?
12/19/08 10:25:31AM
Reportedly in rehab. Will not be in UFC anytime soon...if ever.
12/19/08 10:41:49AM
Yeah, the UFC chose not to sign him after his performance against Sonnen. Can't really say I blame them.
12/19/08 12:25:59PM
zuffa officially dropped him.....paulo needs to take some time off fo sho
12/19/08 1:35:21PM
heard rumors he is in talks with Bellafort, or whatever its called....but I think he is working some things out before doing anything like that.
12/19/08 2:06:52PM
I hadn't heard that he went back to rehab...

What for this time? Coke?
12/19/08 6:47:44PM
He wont be in the UFC anytime soon. He needs to rethink his choices and lifestyle at this point.
12/19/08 7:14:35PM
The rehab, I think, is for some kind of mental issues, not sure if any substance abuse involved.

The promotion someone was thinking of might be Bellator Fighting Championships, the ESPN Deportes one that's also signed another major name already-I think it was Eddie Alvarez.
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