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3/3/09 2:33:10PM
Top British welterweight Paul Taylor will be back in action this summer and is scheduled to fight at UFC 99.

The event will be the UFC’s first venture into mainland Europe and it will be the first time that Taylor has fought overseas for the organisation.

His last fight was a three-round war with Chris Lytle at UFC 89, which left him with severe rib damage that included a displaced fracture.

The awkward nature of the injury prolonged his healing time and Taylor was forced to turn down fights on UFC 95 and UFC 97 because of it.

But he expects to be fit and well in time for UFC 99, where he will make his sixth appearance in the world’s top mixed martial arts league.

Taylor - officially nicknamed ’Relentless’ - has also earned himself the unofficial nickname ‘Mr Bonus’ in UFC circles after earning ‘Fight of the Night’ honours three times in five fights.

Also appearing at UFC 99 will be Stefan Struve, the Dutch heavyweight who was stopped early in the first round of his UFC 95 fight with Junior Dos Santos.

Struve, who turned 21 recently, feared he would be axed from the UFC afterwards but the organisation will give him a shot at redemption on the UFC 99 card.

Both Taylor and Struve have been offered opponents but bout agreements are yet to be signed. Fighters Only expects to learn further details of the fights later this week.

UFC 99 takes place on Saturday June 13th at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. It will be headlined by a catch weight clash between Rich Franklin and Wanderlei Silva.

i see big potential in Stefan..he has alot of wins under his belt..and that should come in handy in the UFC..with his tall height..he'll be a difficult person to fight..for anyone in the HW division..lookin forward to his return...
3/3/09 5:35:49PM
taylor should fight any of these guys.

paulo thiago
matt riddle
dong hyun kim
john hathaway
kevin burns
brad blackburn
3/4/09 6:03:39AM
he would lose to all those cept maybe Riddle
3/4/09 10:08:26AM
i say against thiago or hathaway
either one i think he could beat
3/4/09 11:20:33AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

i say against thiago or hathaway
either one i think he could beat

i don't know..hathaway..has alot of talent..if they ever fought..i think that match could be FOTN..
3/4/09 11:29:36AM
I think he'd most likely TKO John, but it would be an awesome fight for sure. As for Thiago, its a 50/50 fight to me. If Thiagos jits is as good as people say he should win becouse Taylor has shown he has pretty poor TDD in the past, but if it stays standing Taylor will take him to school. His stand ups way above Koschecks and he has a better chin so I dont think Paulo would beable to finish him with one shot.

Id like to see him follow Kelly down to lw tbh, but at WW id love to see him fight Mike Swick. That would be fireworks. Id also like to see a rematch with Davis, mabeys with one of those "gentlemans agreements" he mentioned before the Lytle fight to keep it standing. Its a shame that both guys are so far ahead of him in the rankings at the moment. Id even like to see him fight Koscheck, since he seems to only want to stand these days.

The problems Pauls going to face is hes in a division stacked with wrestlers, and if he drops another division stacked with wrestlers. And thats his biggest weakness.
3/4/09 8:31:27PM

Posted by tmas he would lose to all those cept maybe Riddle
no just no paul is a great fighter he would beat everybody
3/5/09 3:46:33PM
I think Taylor should get past Sobotta easily enough when you look at the quality of opponents they've both faced.

The Struve-Stojnic fight is harder to call imo. Struve has the more impressive record and should take this but Stojnic certainly has the KO power to put him away. Im taking Struve by a submission.
3/6/09 5:06:48AM

Posted by kris_ericson

Posted by tmas

he would lose to all those cept maybe Riddle

no just no paul is a great fighter he would beat everybody

he is a great fighter, one of my favorites i just dont see him beating most of those people there is a couple on the list that would be a toss up but i see him losing every fight that ever ends up on the ground until he proves otherwise :(
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