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3/4/09 1:27:13PM
Top British welterweight Paul Taylor (9-4-1) will be fighting UFC newcomer Peter Sobotta at UFC 99, Fighters Only has learned.

Sobotta (8-1) is a submission grappler who fights out of German team Unlimited Combat System. Despite his grappling credentials, he has actually won half of his fights by TKO.

He will be coming into the UFC off the back of a win over Kerim Abzailow at Polish show KSW (which has previously been described as “a mini-PRIDE” thanks to its high production values).

3/4/09 1:32:00PM
paul taylor can be exicting even against a can
3/4/09 1:34:38PM
I just hope Sobotta doesnt know how to shoot, otherwise Paul will be in for a long night. Or short, depending on how you look at it. If he can keep it on the feet id pick him against pretty much anybody in the division though.
3/4/09 1:41:41PM
I'd prolly go with Taylor. Sobotta looks decent though, 8-1, with 4tko's 4subs.
3/4/09 2:49:28PM
I'm actually going to go with Sobotta for the upset. Seems like Sobotta can take Taylor down at will. But it sounds like Sobotta likes to stand even though he's good on the ground. Could be an exciting fight. Still going to pick the upset here though.
3/4/09 3:14:13PM
hmm. kind of a tough one to call. i think i'll end up going with taylor in the end. i find it almost impossible for me to root against the guy
3/4/09 4:20:13PM
Taylor is a exciting fighter with awesome hands but if this guy can wrestle he could be in trouble.
3/4/09 8:52:42PM
paul is a brawling fighter he will knock him out or win by decision
all his fights are enjoyable, guida of the welter weight division
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