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12/19/08 2:35:30AM
Top British welterweight Paul Taylor will not be fighting at UFC 95 in London, Fighters Only has learned.

According to his management, Taylor is taking longer than expected to recover from the broken ribs he sustained against Chris Lytle at UFC 89.

Taylor had been rumoured to be facing The Ultimate Fighter season seven graduate Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown.

Aside from Taylor being British, the UFC was keen to have him because he is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with three Fight of the Night awards to his name.

12/19/08 1:36:37PM
Guess he will have to fight in the states.
12/19/08 3:51:25PM
Lame. Id like to see him fight Brown. Would be a war and a good chance for him to pick up a win. Hes so much better in the stand up.
12/19/08 4:42:35PM
well i wish him the best. it is better for him tto take his time and get closer to 100% so he can put on yet another great fight. over the years, Taylor has really grown on me
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