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12/8/08 1:12:59PM
Standout UK welterweight Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley believes that 2009 might be the year we see him entering the UFC.

Speaking with Fighters Only after his stoppage win over John Alessio, a veteran of that organisation, Daley was asked about his future plans.

“Alessio was a great win for me. I'm still never 100 per cent happy with any of my performances, but hey... I won, and I stopped him via TKO, something that has never been done before,” he said.

“So I think 2009 is the year for Semtex to arrive in the UFC.”

12/8/08 1:21:07PM
Semtex is the type of fighter the casual fan will love to watch. His stand ups pretty awesome and hes always looking for the finish. Id love to see him fight Mike Swick or Marcus Davies, both fights would be sick. The problem is his wrestling sucks, so in a division like WW, hes not going to stand much of a chance against the likes of koscheck, fitch, hughes, gsp ect. I think Marcus could be legit choice though depending on his next few fight results, since Daleys obviously going to fight on U.K cards which is usually when davies fights. A fight with Paul Taylor could also be an absolute war, and it another possibility.
12/8/08 1:28:09PM
Paul is a very exciting fighter to watch, but as previously stated his wrestling isn't the best and he would probably be owned by a lot of the top guys at WW. That said his TD defense looked drastically improved in his fight with Jake Shields.

His next fightprobably wouldn't be in the UFC, because he missed weight in his fight with Allesio by 4 pounds. The UFC has enough guys at WW struggling to make weight. I don't think they want another problem as well.
12/8/08 1:33:04PM
Sweet ive always wanted too see Daley in the UFC would be a certain addition to the UK UFC cards.

War Nottingham
12/8/08 1:49:14PM
I would rather see Jake Shields signed first then daley
12/8/08 2:14:13PM
Could you imagine how strong the UFC WW division would be if they signed Shields, Daley, and Condit? Bring in some new blood to build up to lose to GSP.

But seriously...Shields is probably one of the very few guys out there right now at WW that would even have a shot agianst GSP. Daley would be a high-level WW fighter at best (like Kos or Diego before his drop), but I don't think he'd ever get the title.

And Condit..well, nobody knows. He could be one of the best fighters out there that nobody knows.
12/8/08 2:51:12PM
Daley will never do good in the UFC unless he faces someone like himself, a very good striker. His ground game and wrestling aren't that good. They need work.
12/8/08 4:22:14PM
Daley is a very exciting fighter and would be a good addition to the UFC.
12/8/08 5:23:18PM
i think the ufc should sign him with him hardy and bisping to help promote the uk overseas
i would rather see shields go then daley
12/8/08 7:52:05PM
Daley's takedown defence is what won him that fight vs Alessio. Good to see that seems to be coming along nicely. Seems like he'd fit right in on one of the UK UFC cards.
12/8/08 8:38:11PM
well marcus davis would be a great fight because his wrestling isn't that spectacular either but he has shown that he can end a fight on the ground if he is losing the stand up. I think they should put those 2 together before Davis has another fight. Swick recently beat him so i dont see Daley fighting Swick. If they put Davis / Daley together it could be fight of the night.... or an early KO
12/8/08 11:04:15PM
Paul Daley fought a good fight against Alessio. His takedown defense does look much improved. He's a great striker, so as long as it's on the feet, he's got an edge over most. Put him against Davis, Taylor, or Kelly, maybe even Lytle since he likes to stand and bang as well.
12/8/08 11:13:25PM
There are plenty of good fights for Daley in the UFC against brawlers, but there is no way he can hang with the top grapplers in the division. If he works on his ground game and his TD defense, he could eventually be a contender. He is still young and has plenty of time to improve.
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