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7/30/09 1:54:27PM
British welterweight Paul "Semtex" Daley is still in negotiations with a number of promotions and a deal with the UFC has not yet been finalized, contrary to the reports Wednesday of a four-fight deal.

"These reports are premature, we have signed nothing," Daley's manager told FanHouse Thursday morning. "We're in talks with groups, one of whom includes the UFC."

7/30/09 2:13:59PM
UFC or S, take your pick.
7/30/09 9:06:05PM
His ground game is too lacking to be successful in the UFC IMO. I think he should go somewhere else . Until he improves his ground game I can't see him having more than a punchers chance vs GSP, fitch, Kos, Hughes, Alves, HAzeltt, Davis, Serra, Kampmann,Jhonson, Condit and even Swick or Lylte if they want to go to the ground. He retried and came back a few years ago. If he is in this for the long haul, then he shoudl sign somewhere else, and get better on the ground. If he just wants to make the most cash e can befoeretiring then I think he should go to the UFC. They could throw him on the England cards against a couple of guys who like to stand, and see how he does. If he could beat a Paul Taylor, then they could throw him in against Lytle. After that I don't see him having much chance of going forward in the UFC at present.
7/31/09 12:02:12PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

UFC or S, take your pick.

There is a country called Japan. He has more than two options.
7/10/11 5:27:04PM
Daley blows, one dimensional
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