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4/25/10 1:56:58PM
British lightweight Paul Sass has become the latest fighter from the UK to earn a UFC contract, signing a four-fight deal with the organisation this weekend. He is expected to make his debut on the undercard of a UFC show in London, England on October 16th.

Sass has a 10-0 record and also holds the world record for the number of successive victories by triangle, finishing his first seven opponents with that technique. TUF 9 UK team fighter Martin Stapleton was one of that number.
4/25/10 2:17:35PM
About time they signed Sass, he'll be a good addition to the LW roster.
4/25/10 3:59:42PM
Good pickup

I haven't heard of a london show yet in oct??
4/25/10 5:26:21PM
Damn that is a long time to wait for your "octagon debut!" But he will be fighting on home soil!? Quite the record he has, cant wait to see how he does against the wrestlers of the UFC's LW division.
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