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6/18/09 5:11:20PM
Paul Kelly wants TUF8 delinquent Junie Browning as his next opponent - and says he will get one of the UFC's bonus awards if they make that fight happen.

“I hope my next match-up is Junie Browning. Its a better match-up for me, he would stand there and fight me, it would be an exciting fight. And he was talking **** about me a bit ago,” Kelly told Fighters Only today.

6/18/09 5:53:09PM
Kelly would steam roll Browning, I honestly can't even see this fight being competitive. I could see this fight going almost the same as the Mandaloniz fight.
6/18/09 5:55:46PM
I agree.
6/18/09 5:57:42PM
I actually think Junie Browning could take this fight. Paul Kelly didn't impress me with his win over Rolie Delgado. I don't know if it was his first cut to 155 or what. But I think Junie would take Paul out. I would either pick Junie by 2nd round TKO or UD.
6/18/09 5:58:51PM
And what does that say about the person who "wants" a guy who doesn't even seem like he'd be much of a challenge. Don't get me wrong, I like Paul Kelly, and I'm not saying that I wouldn't take a fight I thought I had a great chance of winning, but to out and out ask for a gimmie? Did these guys have some beef that I missed because I don't see any other outcome than Kelly destroying Browning with ruthless efficiency.
6/18/09 6:08:04PM
Would be a good match-up even though I think Kelly is on another level than junie. But Im confused as to why Kelly would want to fight junie instead of someone higher up in 155?
6/18/09 6:18:45PM
I don't know guys--I think Paul's skills are pretty limited. I'd say they're about even. Junie probably has the better wrestling, and Kelly the better striking. I actually like the potential matchup quite a bit.
6/18/09 8:39:04PM
Kelly's only fought one fight at 155 and he couldn't finish Delgado.

How far up the ladder do you want to go when your body isn't fully acclimated to the new weight class yet ?

I'd take the guy with all the recent publicity over a bigger-talent/smaller-name any day.
6/18/09 9:55:32PM
i doubt kelly will get junie next
junie should fight a rick story next

i think kelly will get say john hathaway next
6/18/09 10:05:45PM
Smart decision by Kelly, but I'm not 100% sure he wins that fight...I think Junie would be a bad matchup for him.
6/18/09 10:24:17PM
is junie still in the ufc wasnt sure
6/19/09 4:37:08AM
Kelly would smash Junie imo. He didnt look that impressive against Roli, but that sometimes happens when you fight a dude so much taller. And he still looked better than Junie did when he fought Roli on the show. Plus it was his first fight at 155, so I think one sub par showing can be looked over.

I hope this fight happens, the trash talking would be entertaining and the fight would probably be fireworks for the 2-3 minutes in lasts.
6/20/09 1:22:06AM
Kelly does some pretty good trash talking. In the lead-up to the Delgado fight asnd especially after the weigh-ins he was just spitting pure violence.

I would love to see him smash Junie Browning!
6/20/09 1:01:49PM
Kelly would smash Browning.
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