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5/13/08 9:22:45AM
British fighter Paul Kelly and Canadian fighter Jonathan Goulet had been expecting to face each other when the Ultimate Fighting Championship returned to the O2 Arena in London on June 7. But before the bout could even be officially announced by the promotion, not one, but both fighters had to withdraw from the bout due to health concerns.

Late last week, Goulet, not disclosing the specifics of his withdrawal, said, “I have to cancel the fight against Paul Kelly for UFC 85 because of health reasons.”

At the same time, Kelly, unaware of Goulet’s problems, had the injury bug bite him. “I injured me finger,” he told

Kelly actually injured his finger about three weeks ago in training, but tried to work his way through it, but it wasn’t to be. He later discovered that he pulled the ligaments on the back of his finger, which is quite painful and limits the functionality in his right hand.

He is expected to be in a cast for about three weeks or so.

It isn’t something that he could change, but that doesn’t stop Kelly from being disappointed that he will be unable to fight at UFC 85. “I’m feeling a bit guilty,” said Kelly. “I’m a little bit devastated over possibly missing me bonus.”

5/13/08 9:33:40AM
London fans have really been in luck with this card
5/13/08 11:41:11AM
im gutted i was really looking forward to seeing paul fight in london, is there stil going to be 13 fights?
5/13/08 12:08:14PM
Wow this blows i really watched to see this fight happen, but now we dont even get to see Kelly....I was looking forward to watching a good slug fest...
5/13/08 12:20:03PM
ufc 85 is cursed!!!
i think 12 bouts is enough
to add another bout in less than a month,
ufc needs to focus on aug now
5/13/08 1:42:22PM
All i know is that if i was a fighter, i wouldnt be signing up to fight on this card! Im still waiting for either hughes or alves to pull out, its bound to happen.
5/13/08 3:58:50PM
yer i dont think they should bother adding another fight now 13 fights on a card is way to much and most people wont watch them all anyway.
5/13/08 7:41:48PM

Posted by hodge

yer i dont think they should bother adding another fight now 13 fights on a card is way to much and most people wont watch them all anyway.

Are you drunk?

So if you pay a lot of momey for a ticket, you will want to see LESS fights? Even after being promised 13 fights? I'm sure all the people (including myself) who have bought tickets for this are just dieing for more fights to be cancled. Personally im hoping for a card consisting of 3 fights.
5/14/08 2:13:01AM
I feel bad for the British fans here. Its at least still a solid card, but hopefully there aren't anymore problems.

I was really looking forward to seeing Paul Kelly fight again too. Not often do people take a roundhouse kick flush to the head and wave the guy on to keep hitting him. Marcus Davis hit the floor from the same kick and that guys got a solid noggin too.
5/14/08 6:24:49AM
LOL at writing it as "me bonus" do they do that with Canadians and "aboot"

Shame cos Kelly would of easily beaten Goulet, most cursed UFC card eva i think

If Swick or Davis got injured id cry ..........
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