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1/30/09 10:20:26PM
At 35 years old, is Buentello finally peaking in his MMA career? His dismantleing of Kiril Sidelnikof was a highlight of Affliction DOR ......for me anyways. I have always liked Buentello. Since I first saw him in the UFC. On top of being at the top of his game technically, he also looked to be in the best PHYSICAL condition of his career. Yeah i said it....he looked in shape. Hopfully he can prosper and make a run at Fedor in Affliction. What do you guys think of The Headhunter?

Edit: Sorry i screwed the poll up the other awnser was past his prime?
1/30/09 10:46:17PM
I like Buentello, and think he can fight those top guys. I would say no on paul beating fedor, because of fedor's ground game to paul's.

Paul needs keep facing top fighers and could fight these guys like Sylvia,Aleks,Overeem, or Andrei rematch
1/30/09 11:13:44PM
I think he's an exciting fighter, but will always be one of those mid-level guys. We've seen he can't hang with the big boys in his fights with Arlovski and Overeem. Regardless, I like watching him fight and hope to see him again in the next affliction show. A fight with Tim Sylvia, Ben Rothwell, or Pedro Rizzo would probably be pretty good.

Edit: Or how about Gilbert Yvel
2/1/09 7:19:10AM
Paul is no better than he ever was IMO. I think he peaked around the time that he fought Arlovski. He's still a decent boxer who can test a guy's chin but fighting Fedor? I think not. Kirill might train with Fedor but he certainly is nowhere close to being on his level. He's basically just incredibly tough and has a hard punch. No head movement, no defense, no footwork, no gameplanning... I think this fight showed us a lot more about Sidelnikov than it did about Buentello. I think he's the same fighter he always was, he just fought someone who decided to fight paul's fight instead of his own.
2/2/09 7:26:41PM
I didnt say he would beat Fredor just maybe work his way into fighting him. I would love to see a rematch with AA or a fight with Eyvel would also have huge fireworks.
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