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9/11/09 11:33:31AM
Paul Daley "I can KO him with one punch"

One thing Paul "Semtex" Daley never lacked was confidence, as he details why Kampmann won't be in the best mindset.
9/11/09 1:25:19PM
Or Kampmann is going to submit him in one choke

9/11/09 4:21:40PM
But Kampman has more then one way to win so i think i will stick with him.....
9/11/09 7:23:24PM
better work on your ground game pauly!!!!!!!
u will be eating mat in no time

then again if he were to win, i would see my man condit face gsp instead of kammpman!!!!!!!!!!
9/11/09 8:02:26PM
Semtex is biting off a bit more than he can chew IMO. Martin has more skills, standing and especially on the mat. Kampman takes this one no doubt
9/11/09 10:14:05PM
Thats some big talk coming from Daley. He got beat by shields in elite xc and ill say this plenty of time. I don't think shields would fair to well in the ufc. Ill go even farther to say he would get smashed in the ufc. So for Daley to come in with all this big talk is showing that hes got the confidants of a top fight. Even though i don't care for kampman i got him winning by submission in round 2.
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