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POLL: Who would win?
Paul Daley 52% (16)
Dan Hardy 32% (10)
Would both KO each other at the same time 16% (5)
4/28/10 11:40:42AM
Who would win if Paul Daley and Dan Hardy Fought and why?
4/28/10 2:04:13PM
I would give it to Daley. I'm not sure where Hardy got this Rep as this One hitter quitter but hes really not. Doubtful we will ever see this fight as they train together.
4/28/10 2:09:53PM
I think it would be extremely competitive. The two are training partners, and the amount of time spent sparring each other has already caused them to develop methods of dealing with each other.

With that said, I think Hardy controls range better and would probably earn a decision if Daley can't knock him out.
4/28/10 3:16:44PM
Daley and it wouldn't even be close. Hardy has pretty decent striking but Pauls is on a completely different level.
He's got the power, speed and technical ability to outclass Hardy in every aspect. I
4/28/10 3:23:51PM
Hardy's only chance is to get it to the ground, and considering his ground game, and Daley's (hopefully) newly trained Takedown defense, this wouldn't go very well for Dan.
4/30/10 8:41:33PM
Wow this fight could actually happen. If Daley gets past KOS, he could be a contender to fight Hardy for a top spot! Props to the TS. I would have to side with Semtex. Just too explosive. That would be the deciding factor. Hradys strikes might be a bit crisper but Daley looks to tear your head OFF!
5/1/10 1:53:47PM
Although this fight would never happen (because the two are best of friends), i would pick Hardy to control the fight and win it via decision.
5/12/10 1:08:54AM
wow im a little surprised in the voting seeing as how Hardy took IMO the best P4P fighter to decision and to top it off got out of to amazing submission attempts by one of the best GSP, while Daley did little in my eye to top contender Koscheck, I think Hardy has superior stand-up and a better wrestling game than Daley and would take this one easily via desicion.
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